10 Best Photo Gallery App for Android, iPhone and Ipad in 2020

10 Best Photo Gallery App for Android, iPhone and Ipad in 2020

Have you ever had trouble finding a file in your photo gallery application? This is a common problem if your photo app doesn’t offer good organization features, like searching by location, date or people. Maybe it’s time to download a new application for saving photos.

    Some of the best known are Google Photos, Simple Gallery and Keepsafe, and each one has a differential that facilitates the organization of files.

    To help you make that choice, we’ve selected the top 10 photo gallery apps. Keep reading and discover the criteria to choose the best!

    Why Download Another Gallery App?

    In general, when buying a cell phone it already comes with a gallery app installed.

    But the purpose of the brand’s standard app is usually just to display the files on your phone and perform simple functions.

    Often, this cell phone gallery cannot even reproduce all formats.

    Among the extra functions, you can have when downloading another gallery are the better organization, protection features, back up to the cloud, play other video formats, editing tools and faster to delete and move photos and videos. Some even make montages, like Google Photos.

    How to Choose the Best Gallery App?

    To choose a photo gallery app that meets your expectations, it’s important to know what to look for.

    For this, learn more about the functions that this app can have, such as syncing with dropbox or google drive and even hiding photos on your phone.

    – The More Organization Options The Better.

    One of the main reasons why many are dissatisfied with the phone’s original photo gallery is having few options for organizing the files.

    The ideal is that he not only groups photos and videos by the local folder, but also by date, format, relevance, location and even faces.

    Another advantage, which may convince you to download a new photo app, is the speed with which you can organize your files.

    Instead of having to access multiple menus, some photo apps are sensitive to simple gestures that allow you to delete or move files with just one touch.

    – Opt for Photo Galleries with Sync Feature

    Having the option of backup or synchronization in a photo application prevents you from losing your files if your phone is stolen or accidentally deleted.

    In addition to being very useful to view your files on other devices, when you don’t have your phone.

    This feature can be identified in the app description in online stores as Sync or Backup.

    The application can either leave an extra backup copy of your files saved in your account or send them to platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, iTunes and iCloud.

    – Choose Gallery Apps with Privacy Measures

    If you have photos that you would not like others to have access to, if you prefer to keep your gallery app away from intruders, there are apps with privacy measures that solve this problem.

    So, even if you forget to lock your phone, no one will be able to access your files.

    Among the protection measures are digital unlocking, intruder control and fake password to show only part of the content if someone happens to coerce you, for example.

    Some do not appear on the home screen and are camouflaged with the logo of another application, which makes it even more difficult for someone to hack.

    – Ads All the Time Make the Photo App Slow

    Most free gallery apps, or with a basic version at no cost, have ads, and that may or may not be a problem.

    Of course, the preference is that there are none, but if there are, it is important that they do not appear in full screen all the time without offering the option to close.

    To do this, in addition to checking the product description for advertisements, read user reviews on this aspect.

    If it is a common problem, it will appear in the first comments. Remember that ads allow the app to be free. Often, when you pay, you get rid of them.

    – Check for Possibility of Purchases in the Photo App

    Among the best gallery apps are those that offer content completely free of charge and those that offer a limited version at no cost, but with purchase options.

    Among the benefits of subscribing to a plan are increased backup space, unlimited sharing and ad-free.

    Purchase can be for a one-time fee or subscription. It is important not only to know if you will have to invest to continue using the photo app but also if the plan delivers what it promises.

    The best way to do this is to read comments from other users, especially about after-sales support.

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    Top 10 Best Photo Gallery Apps.

    What is the best photo gallery app for android in 2020?

    Before that, you’ve seen what features an organization app can offer! Read on and discover the 10 best photo gallery apps and what each one has to offer.

    10 – Tidy – Gallery

    Clean Photos from Your Gallery Quickly.

    Tidy is a photo app focused on cleaning photos and videos, it doesn’t have photo editing tools.

    The difference is that instead of having to select one file at a time and choose to delete or save, you can do this just by flipping the photo to the right (keep) or left (delete).

    Cleaning can be done by viewing all files at once or entering each folder already on the device.

    In addition, you can move photos from one location to another just by dragging, creating new folders, automatically deleting after sharing and viewing duplicate files.

    Synchronization: Not
    Ads in the free version: Yes
    Privacy: Not
    In-App Purchases: Yes

    9 – Amazon Photos

    Have your Photo Gallery on Multiple Devices.

    Amazon Photos is one of the best galleries to organize your files. You can sort by date or create custom folders.

    You can hide photos and videos and share. The automatic backup saves everything in your account, so you can delete the device to free up memory.

    In addition to the cell phone, you can take the opportunity to synchronize photos and videos with your notebook, tablet or any other device.

    Using the app is easy, simple and intuitive. The only complaint of those who use Amazon Photos is that it has less space than other free gallery apps.

    Synchronization: Yes
    Ads in the free version: Not
    Privacy: Yes
    In-App Purchases: Not

    8 – A + Photo and Video Gallery.

    Simple and Practical App, Exclusive to Android.

    One of the great advantages of this photo app is the search engine. You can search for photos by keywords, colour, filter and location where the photo was taken.

    In addition, it has a safe to store photos with a password, synchronization with the dropbox and also allows you to download an album from Facebook.

    See this product on Google Play

    You can download and install the application for free, but it also has a paid gallery version. Unfortunately, only available for Android phones.

    Ideal for those looking for a simple, practical and well-rated app by users.

    Synchronization: Yes
    Ads in the free version: Yes
    Privacy: Yes
    In-App Purchases: Yes

    7 – Photo Scanner

    Application to Create and Save Scans.

    Foto Scanner is the best photo app to scan and save scans in folders according to your criteria.

    You can automatically edit, colour files in black and white, apply filters and share with others in maximum resolution.

    This app is only for scanning and saving scanned files, so it’s not for camera images and videos or other device locations.

    Although there is a free version, it is only valid for a trial period. To have more functionality, you need to subscribe to a plan.

    Synchronization: Yes
    Ads in the free version: Not
    Privacy: Not
    In-App Purchases: Yes

    6 – GalleryVault

    Application to Save Encrypted Photos and Videos.

    GalleryVault looks like a regular gallery, but it manages to keep your photos protected with the intruder report, real and fake password, digital unlock and hidden app on the home screen.

    You can also create your own folders and the application allows synchronization with the google drive.

    A curious thing that can be useful is that when you shake your phone quickly, the app closes automatically. It is easy to avoid the curious like that!

     The disadvantage is that in the basic version the ads appear on the screen several times during use, and it is not always possible to close on time.

    Synchronization: Yes
    Ads in the free version: Yes
    Privacy: Yes
    In-App Purchases: Yes

    5 – Private Photo Vault

    App for Photos and Videos that Denounces Curious.

    Private Photo Vault is one of the most interesting options for those looking for a gallery application that is proof of the curious! Right at the start, it already gives you the option to create a password with numbers or pattern.

    When someone picks up your phone and tries to guess the password, the app delivers a photo report of the intruder!

    The app also allows you to edit photos, but it is only suitable for files you want to hide.

    When you import photos or videos into the app, they are removed from the original location.

    The app exports files and syncs with iTunes. Paying for the gallery has extra functions and is ad-free.

    Synchronization: Yes
    Ads in the free version: Yes
    Privacy: Yes
    In-App Purchases: Yes

    4 – Keepsafe

    Multiple Security Functions.

    KeepSafe is the gallery app with the most security features. In it, you can create a numeric password or by default to lock the complete app or individual albums.

    You can also use your fingerprint. A difference is that you can hide the icon on the home screen.

    There is the option to block the app by turning the screen and taking pictures of intruders. To protect files, simply import and delete from the original location.

    You can customize folders however you like and create public albums. When sharing private photos, they disappear for the recipient after 20 seconds.

    Synchronization: Yes
    Ads in the free version: Yes
    Privacy: Yes
    In-App Purchases: Yes

    3 – Simple Galeria Pro

    Easy to Organize and Secure App, Exclusive to iOS.

    The pro gallery version of Simple Galeria is simple and fluid, does not crash or has ads.

    This photo app is also one of the most secure, as it is possible to hide folders and put a password in the photo gallery, unlocking with the right number, the pattern or placing your fingerprint.

    See this product on the App Store

    There you can organize the cell phone gallery, edit and search files by folder, date and format. You can also recover files from the trash and leave the app the colour you want.

    However, it is only available for iOS on iPhones. To download and install you need to pay a one-time fee, but it is worth it!

    Synchronization: Not
    Ads in the free version: Not
    Privacy: Yes
    In-App Purchases: Yes

    2 – Hide photos – Hide it Pro

    A True Disguised Safe.

    This gallery app is the safest option for hiding files, starting with the interface.

    The icon and the home screen are from a music app, but just hold the logo to remove the disguise.

    It protects several formats, including images, videos and calls, in addition to encrypting documents.

    If someone finds out, just use the escape function to act as if it is failing or empty.

    Folders are organized by location, size or format. Hide it Pro does not appear in recent apps and backs up with Google Drive.

    It is also possible to share externally. A great option!

    Synchronization: Yes
    Ads in the free version: Yes
    Privacy: Yes
    In-App Purchases: Yes

    1 – Google Photos

    Group and Find Photos by Face.

    Google Photos is one of the best gallery apps for syncing photos across multiple devices.

    It organizes your files in a practical way and is able to group photos by face, date and location, in addition to making automatic edits and even copying text from images.

    The free version has no ads, but you can pay for more memory gigs.

    The Google Photos app shows montages and short movies of photos taken on the same date years before you can share to remember good times.

    That’s why Google Photos is our top 1!

    Synchronization: Yes
    Ads in the free version: Not
    Privacy: Not
    In-App Purchases: Yes

    Choose the Best Photo Editing Application

    Although some photo gallery apps have filters and tools to edit, if you want a cool effect on your images, the ideal is to have a good editing app.

    Some are true professional publishers that are always worth having a hand.

    To find out which features you are looking for to leverage social media or fix your images, we recommend that you read the techboke article to find out the 10 best apps for editing photos, and how to choose between them.


    Now that you know how to choose from the top 10 photo gallery apps in our ranking, feel free to explore our tips and nominees as often as you like.

    Don’t forget to always read user reviews before downloading, especially if you have to invest.

    Techboke always brings new articles on the most varied products, so whenever you are in doubt about which product to choose, be sure to visit us.

    Share the article with people who may have the same doubts, after all, it is very useful to have the best photo galleries on your phone!

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