Amazon alternative: Top 5 “Amazon alternatives” e-commerce sites

Amazon alternative: Top 5 Amazon alternatives – e-commerce sites

Amazon alternative: Top 5 "Amazon alternatives" e-commerce sites

    Amazon is the e-commerce site by excellence; the latter, especially in recent years, has experienced exponential growth gaining millions of users every year.

    All this is also the result of a winning strategy that allows its users to save money and to have an always efficient and safe service.

    Amazon is widely recognized as the most popular and appreciated digital store in the world.

    For most users, it has now become a real standard.

    It is now difficult to think about online shopping,  Yet there are quite interesting “alternatives to Amazon”.

    That said, the question many people ask is what are the alternatives to Amazon.

    If you are looking for an answer to that question, you are in the right place.

    In this article, we will tell you about the “best alternatives to Amazon.”

    Beyond the user experience, services, prices and fast shipments offered by this platform.

    Yet there are some platforms that, in certain contexts, can offer an interesting variant, to say the least.

    Alternatives to Amazon: where to shop online?

    In this article, we have collected the names of Amazon’s main Alternatives.

    Some platforms are fairly well known, while others are unknown to most.

    Whether it’s adversity compared to Amazon or the desire to try something new, the sites we will talk about are as much as qualitatively closer to the giant of “Jeff Bezos”.

    1 – Amazon Alternative: AliExpress

    AliExpress is an online store as vast as it is appreciated all over the world.

    This is the Alibaba store and therefore manages to combine absolutely advantageous prices with an impressive variety of items.

    Amazon alternative: Top 5 "Amazon alternatives" e-commerce sites, Amazon Alternative: AliExpress
    Amazon Alternative: AliExpress

    They range from computer hardware to smartphones, from tablets to jewellery to clothes and other objects of various kinds.

    Just as far as smartphone offers are concerned, these are perhaps the best opportunities offered by the platform.

    In fact, the devices are often available at attractive prices.

    The sections dedicated to precious items and clothes are also excellent, with the strength set mainly on low prices (a little less on quality).

    AliExpress sends products from China, so shipping times are generally much longer.

    Also, living in Nigeria, you have to be careful about any customs duties.

    2 – Amazon Alternative: NewEgg

    Newegg is an excellent alternative to Amazon. Indeed, we can almost speak of a “clone” of the best-known platform.

    From the order tracking to the wish list, to the offers of the day up to the dashboard: Newegg seems to have taken inspiration even a little too much from Amazon.

    Amazon alternative: Top 5 "Amazon alternatives" e-commerce sites, Amazon Alternative: NewEgg
    Amazon Alternative: NewEgg

    There is even a pairing formula similar, in some ways, to Amazon Prime.

    Supporting many currencies and sellers all over the world, it is a very well-stocked and extremely interesting store to visit.

    Although it was born simply as a store dedicated to electronics, to date the platform has expanded offering objects of almost any kind, ranging from toys to clothing, from software to motoring.

    3 – Amazon Alternative: eBay

    One of the most long-lived and well-known stores on the web is definitely eBay.

    On the latter, you will find products from both shops and individuals.

    Amazon alternative: Top 5 "Amazon alternatives" e-commerce sites, Amazon Alternative: eBay
    Amazon Alternative: eBay

    eBay is perhaps Amazon’s only true competitor. Born back in 1995, he has long duelled with “Jeff Bezos” platform for the digital store sceptre par excellence.

    Despite having lost ground in the long run, it remains an excellent online auction platform, where you can do real business.

    This e-commerce site has been criticized by many in the past because of the lack of security it was able to provide.

    Over the years all this has changed, in fact, today eBay offers various guarantees and allows you to know the feedback of each seller thus making it clear, based on the percentage, whether the latter is safe or not.

    In addition, an additional guarantee is given by the fact that on this site it is possible to pay with PayPal, which allows both the seller and the buyer to have greater security.

    The excellent policies, the frightening number of items and the assistance for the buyer have made eBay a highly appreciated platform on the net.

    Compared to Amazon, it is also possible to buy used goods, placing itself as an ideal medium for collectors and beyond.

    4 – Amazon Alternative: Gearbest

    One of the most known and reliable Chinese stores is definitely Gearbest.

    The latter allows you to buy, at much lower prices, smartphones, gadgets and much more, directly from China.

    Amazon alternative: Top 5 "Amazon alternatives" e-commerce sites, Amazon Alternative: Gearbest
    Amazon Alternative: Gearbest

    Among the many alternatives to Amazon, the increasingly popular GearBest could not be missing.

    This is the most popular online store in the east, although it is also perfectly functional for orders from Various Countries.

    Again, the products offered are thousands and thousands, divided into hundreds of categories and sub-categories.

    They range from electronic gadgets (some very interesting) to clothing, household appliances, and toys.

    Also, in this case, the offers for the Made in China technological products can be nothing short of attractive, always paying great attention to customers.

    Gearbest also allows you to pay with PayPal and, in case of problems, is immediately ready to assist its customers and refund them.

    5 – Amazon Alternative: Zalando

    Dedicated to the sale of clothes and shoes, Zalando is among the best in its category.

    Amazon alternative: Top 5 "Amazon alternatives" e-commerce sites, Amazon Alternative: Zalando
    Amazon Alternative: Zalando

    This site allows you to securely purchase clothing goods, even of very important brands, offering the PayPal method among the various payment methods.

    In addition, the return is free and you will have up to 100 days to make it.

    All items on the site are covered by the Zalando Guarantee.

    Sadly, Zalando is available for just a few countries, including the UK.


    The five names listed are only a small part of the large online shops.

    Despite this, they are practically the only platforms comparable to Amazon. In spite of the ideas and services that distinguish them.

    However, Amazon remains the best online platform when it comes to shopping.


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