AnVir Task Manager Free: Check your PC for Trojans, check files, view processes and services

AnVir Task Manager Free: Check your PC for Trojans, check files, view processes, and services.

AnVir Task Manager Free is one of the best free programs to control everything on your computer to remove Trojans, speed up your computer, view processes, services, startups, hard drive information, get rid of spyware and viruses, speed up your PC, start-up Windows, get information on processes, including command line, DLL files used by each program, inbound and outbound traffic, a load of your hard drive performance graph, your connections to the Internet, your open files, etc.

You can also obtain information about programs and startup services information for your Internet Drivers (TCP / UPD) CPU usage (including application analysis) Temperature of your hard disk drive and laptop battery information.

The security risk score indicates the probability of a program being a potential threat from viruses, spyware, malware or trojans.

Scores are based on behaviour, code analysis, and an integrated database. You will be notified when a program tries to be added to the startup.

Right-click on any suspicious process or file and check it for with 50+ antiviruses. Using the built-in Tweaker that gives you instant access to hundreds of settings you can change and customize your operating system to your requirements by removing or adding your own options.

The Startup tab shows all the programs that are running on Windows startup, including the name, file path, company, and a brief description, disable or delete programs that you do not need to run faster on your computer.

The startup delay allows you to set any startup program to run a few minutes later after Windows starts.

This enables you to start using your computer without waiting for Windows to load all the boot applications.

You can still run startup programs minimized in the system tray. The program is also available as a paid professional version with even more options.


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