AutoClose: Specify how and when programs run on the system are closed

AutoClose: Specify how and when programs run on the system are closed

AutoClose is a handy free Windows automation software that enables you to specify how and when programs are executed on your system.

With AutoClose you have the choice of deciding whether to shut down, disconnect, hibernate, or restart your computer.

It can support multiple tasks at a time and allow you to effectively perform background tasks. To schedule a task, follow these steps:

Click the “Add task” button to add a new job, select Internet Explorer in the program list.

If you do not know the program process name or want to select the active program window, select the option on how to select a program from the Dragging Select tool.

click “Interval (Closes after day / hour / minute / second)” and set the period. Set “3 minutes” and click the “Add” button. You will see that the job has been added to the task list. It will close the program you selected after the time you set.

However, you may find that it is not easy to select the program process name in the program list because the EXE name often differs from the program name.

Don’t worry, you could use the Dragging Select Tool to select the program much easier by following these steps:

First, you need to press the left mouse button on the Dragging Select tool and hold down, you will see its changes mouse cursor.

Do not release the push button, move the cursor to the program window you would like to shut and release the button. You will then find that the program is selected in the program list.


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