Best Acer Notebooks 2020 – Top 12 (Ranked)

Best Acer Notebooks 2020 – Top 12 (Ranked)

Top 12 “Best Acer Notebooks to Buy” in 2020

Acer notebooks are an excellent option for the most varied types of use, be it professional, every day or even gamer.

Another advantage of this type of equipment is its versatility since you can take it with you to use anywhere you need.

To serve the most varied audiences, Acer has lines such as Aspire and Predator, which have notebooks of various price ranges.

To make your choice easier, we have prepared a guide with everything that should be observed at the time of purchase, in addition to a “top 12 best notebooks from Acer”. Check out!

How to Choose “Best Acer Notebook”.

Because it is electronic with many particularities, it is essential to be aware of some details when choosing which Acer notebook is best for your needs.

Therefore, we gather all the information necessary for your choice to be as assertive as possible. Check out!

– First of all, identify the series that best suits your profile.

One of the most important points when choosing your Acer notebook is to consider your user profile.

This way you will be able to know exactly which series of the brand will suit you best.

In addition, it will prevent you from spending more than necessary.

Aspire Ideal for Everyday and Work.

If you want an Acer notebook for everyday use, or even in offices, the Aspire series can be an excellent choice, because in general, the available models have balanced configurations, which offer enough processing power to handle all tasks.

The models in this series prioritize a good processor, RAM and storage, leaving hardware like video cards in the background.

After all, the graphical demand is lower in this type of use, being extremely unnecessary to configure an extremely advanced in this segment.

Swift: Ultrathin and Light Notebooks.

The notebooks in this series are produced to be ultraportable, aiming to meet the demand of those who travel frequently with their equipment, such as professionals who do outside work.

Because of these characteristics, the models in the series are extremely light and thin.

As for performance, these Acer notebooks have a configuration that aims an intermediate user profile, that is, someone who, although he does not use software that requires a huge graphic capacity, needs fast equipment and good processing power.

Chromebook: The Best for Browsing the Internet.

The notebooks in this series are designed for basic uses, that is, for Internet browsing, playing videos, movies and other activities.

One of the target audiences of the series are students, who in general are looking for a more compact and simple option to carry with them.

These Acer notebooks are very compact in size, with 11.5 ”screens on average.

One of the main attractions of these models is the more affordable price in relation to the most complete models of the brand.

But it is important to note that processing power is not the focus of this option.

Spin, Switch and TravelMate: Screens that Open at 180º or More.

These Acer series feature the brand’s most versatile models.

With a thin and very light design, weighing just over 1 kg, they serve people who work with graphic creations and editions very well, and the Switch can even be used as a tablet, as the keyboard stands out from the screen.

In addition, performance is not an issue for these Acer notebooks. As they are intended for a user profile ranging from moderate to more intense, the models come equipped with some variations of processors, ranging from simpler versions to the most modern ones available on the market.

Predator and Nitro: For Professional and Amateur Gamers.

The Predator and Nitro series was created to meet gamer demand. The available models have very advanced configurations and hardware at the highest level.

In addition, the design is also thought to make use more comfortable for the player.

In this segment of the brand, notebooks have a dedicated video card, mostly from NVidia’s GeForce line, surpass 1 Tb of storage and reach 32 Gb of RAM in some models.

In addition, all components are designed to obtain maximum performance during use.

– Choose an Operating System you are familiar with.


The operating system is a set of programs responsible for managing the computer system, which involves all hardware and software present in the notebook, as well as the interface that the user will use on a daily basis.

So a good idea is to choose an option that you are used to.

Among the most common options, Windows is the one that stands out the most, both for its popularity and for the vast amount of programs compatible with it.

However, some Acer notebooks may come with another operating system, such as Linux for example.

– A Good Processor Will Ensure Much Better Performance.


Making an analogy, we can say that the processor is the brain in the notebook, that is, it is responsible for processing all the information that the system needs, as its name suggests. Therefore, choosing a machine with a good processor is essential, regardless of use.

Among the most effective options on the market, Intel’s I series is one of the most outstanding.

This series consists of the Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 processors, the latter being the most powerful among them.

In addition to these, it is common to find options from AMD, whose most powerful series is Ryzen.

– RAM should be at least 4Gb to avoid crashes.


RAM is responsible for supporting the use of several applications at the same time, or even the several tabs open in your internet browser.

In general, Acer notebooks have models with a capacity of 4 Gb, which already guarantees a good performance for most users.

If you use it more heavily, with heavier programs or even if you are looking for a gamer notebook, the ideal is to choose options with more RAM.

For those passionate about games, Acer has notebooks with up to 32 Gb of memory, with the possibility of expansion.

– Observe If Storage Space Is Enough For You.


Storage space is critical for you to be able to keep all programs and files saved on your computer.

For this, there are two very popular storage options, the HD and the SSD, which differ on some issues.

  • HD (Hard Disk): It is the oldest hardware, which uses a mobile disk to store information and a mechanical arm to read. Its advantage is the price, but on the other hand, it is more fragile and slower than the more modern options.
  • SSD (Solid State Drive): This is a flash memory and more modern than HD. It takes its name from being solid, that is, without moving parts. Its advantage is durability and speed, however, it tends to be more expensive.
  • eMMC (Embedded Multimedia Card): Like the SSD, this option is a type of flash memory with a solid construction, however, it is simpler, resembling a memory card. Its advantage is the low price and higher speed than HD, however, it is less durable than the SSD

On the market, it is common to find models that even have both types of hardware on the same notebook.

The most important thing to remember is that to avoid headaches, it is recommended to choose a computer with at least 500 Gb for common use, and 1 Tb in the case of a gamer notebook.

– For Games, a Good Video Card is Essential.


The video card is the hardware responsible for processing all the graphic parts of the computer, such as the resolution of videos, games and even the screen.

In general, the cards have a memory attached to the model, responsible for the amount of graphic content that it can process.

For conventional use, the so-called onboard boards are sufficient to handle the job and even run lighter games.

But, for games and heavy programs, such as Autocad and video editors, it is best to bet on good video cards, such as those from NVidia’s GeForce line.

– Larger screens improve the user experience.


Undoubtedly, the screen size is one of the details that directly affect the user experience.

That’s because having a notebook with a good screen size will ensure that you have more space to organize your desktop and watch videos and movies more comfortably.

For this reason, Acer notebooks mostly have screens larger than 15.5 ”.

After all, this size already guarantees great usability. However, for the gamer audience, there are options for models with more than 17 ”screen, all to ensure the best possible user experience.

Top 12 Best Acer Notebooks.

Now that you know everything you need to choose the Acer notebook that best fits your profile, how about giving a top 12 with the best options for the most varied types of use? See the models that stand out in the market below!

12 – Acer Chromebook C733-C6M8

A Cheap Option for Lighter Use.

If you’re looking for a cheap option to suit lighter usability, this model from the Chromebook series can be a great choice.

Although the configuration is quite simple, the operating system is very light, which guarantees a smooth operation for internet browsing.

A good indication for this Acer notebook is its educational use, as it is a device that can meet the routine of document research and preparation very well, especially using online text and spreadsheet editors, such as Google Docs.

11 – Acer Chromebook C733T-C0QD

Compact and Light for Everyday Life.

For those looking for a compact, easy-to-carry option, this Chromebook could be the ideal model.

Although it does not have the great processing power, this model has hardware that facilitates the performance of the system, as is the case with eMMC, which is faster than traditional HDDs.

It is worth remembering that this Acer notebook is intended for lighter users, who prioritize internet browsing and simpler options, such as playing videos and movies.

More intense uses can overload the processor and cause system crashes and slowness. Pay attention to this detail.

10 – ACER Spin 3 SP314-51-31RV

Can be used as a notebook and tablet.

If you’re looking for versatility, “Spin 3” is the ideal model. This is because one of its biggest attractions is its 360º hinges and touch screen, which give this notebook usability very similar to a tablet if the user so prefers.

In addition, this Acer notebook has a compact size and can easily be carried on a daily basis.

These features make it an excellent option for those looking for a computer to study, because, in addition to the versatility of use, it easily fits in backpacks, even the smallest.


9 – ACER Aspire3 A315-54K-30UT

Great for Light and Moderate Use.

This model of the “Aspire 3” is perfect for those looking for a discreet option and with a configuration capable of smoothly supporting everyday tasks.

This makes it a great choice of notebook for the home office or even conventional offices, in addition to casual use.

Its biggest highlight is its storage capacity, which is even greater than some Acer notebooks referred to as the top of the line.

As for RAM, in addition to the 4 Gb that has been equipped with the model, it has 1 free slot on its board, which supports an expansion to up to 20 Gb in total.

8 – ACER Aspire3 A315-53-34XX

Excellent Storage Capacity.

If you have a lot of files, programs and even games, with this “Aspire 3 model” you will certainly have no problems with space.

This option has 2 storage hardware, one HD and one SSD, which gives both capacity and speed to the user.

With a discreet and minimalist design, this notebook is perfect for work, studies or even everyday use.

It is worth remembering that this model has a dedicated numeric keypad, which makes professional use more practical and comfortable.

7 – ACER Aspire3 A315-53-C2SS

Fast and Efficient for Work and Day to Day.

For those looking for a fast and efficient notebook for work, this “Aspire 3 model” can be a great choice.

Its configuration is very well adjusted and combines features that make it fast on a daily basis, such as an Intel i5 processor and an 8 Gb RAM memory.

One of the things that strike your eye right from the start of this “Acer notebook” is the appearance.

Its blue is a colour that differs from the more traditional options, and the plastic cover is textured like brushed steel.

This model is unlikely to go unnoticed in the environment in which it is being used.

6 – ACER Aspire 5 A515-51G-58VH

Effective for All Kinds of Use.

“Aspire 5” is one of the most complete options of the brand, and the model “A515-51G-58VH” comes equipped with a great video card, which guarantees a great graphic experience.

It is worth remembering that it is difficult to find this type of card in most options for this user profile.

As it has a more advanced configuration, this Acer notebook caters very well to all types of use, from the most basic to playing a little heavier games, although this is not the target audience of this series.

Therefore, this model is undoubtedly an excellent purchase option.

5 – ACER Predator Triton 500

Maximum Performance in Games.

Among all Acer gaming notebooks, the “Predator Triton 500” is the one that stands out the most.

That’s because, in addition to enormous processing power and a video card that commands respect, it has 32 GB RAM to run any program or game, even the heaviest and most modern ones.

Another detail that sets it apart from the others is its cleaner look, without the aggressive aspect, common among gaming notebooks.

This way it can even be used for professional purposes without it appearing to be a gamer device. The only downside is the very high price.

4 – ACER Aspire Nitro 5 AN515-53-55G9

Great Cost-Benefit.

It is a fact that Acer gamer notebooks cost more than those of conventional use, but even so, the “Aspire Nitro 5” manages to deliver a good cost-benefit, given its very efficient configuration to run even the heaviest games.

With a full HD resolution IPS screen, Acer CoolBost cooling system and Dolby Audio Premium technology, this model has everything you need to deliver the best experience possible.

Therefore, it is a great option for gamers looking for quality at an affordable price, compared to quality.

3 – ACER Aspire 5 A515-52-56A8

Unique Design and Battery with Autonomy of Up to 7 Hours of Use.

This “Aspire 5” model is beautiful! Its design with fine lines and brushed aluminium texture stands out.

The 15.6 “LED screen offers a much more comfortable experience thanks to BluelightShield™ technology, which reduces the blue light of the screen by up to 54%, responsible for making our eyes tired.

This screen is made of anti-reflective LED, which makes the use even more pleasant since there will be no reflected images while you use it.

Its super-fast SSD memory can be expanded, as the notebook has an SD card reader, which accepts cards up to 128 GB. It is a great option to buy!


2 – ACER Aspire 5 A515-52G-78HE

High Performance for All Occasions

When it comes to performance for all occasions, this “Aspire 5 model” stands out.

This is because it has a very good configuration, with everything that is most modern in this line of equipment. Therefore, it is suitable for all types of users.

In order to deliver all this performance, this Acer notebook bets on the balance of the hardware and software used, so that none of them has any different power or capacity.

This ensures a much more balanced and fluid operation of the entire system.

1 – ACER Predator Helius 300 PH315-52-748U

Impressive Graphics Speed.

With impressive graphics and processing power, the “Predator Helios 300” offers a lot of quality to players.

To give even more control to the user, the model has a dedicated key called “PredatorSense”, which gives access to a control panel to manage the entire machine.

A point that stands out in this Acer gaming notebook is its imposing look, made in textured metal, with geometric lines and black and blue details, a design that mixes aggressiveness and elegance in a single computer.


There are many details that involve choosing the Acer notebook that best fits your profile.

But we are sure that with everything you saw here you will certainly make a great choice.

For that, it is enough to pay attention to the mentioned details, such as processor, storage, and all the others.

Since you know everything you need, how about taking a good look at the items in our top “12 best Acer notebooks?”

After all, whether you are a gamer or ordinary user, we are sure that some of the models will suit you perfectly.

Finally, be sure to share the article with everyone you know!


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