Best Pregnancy Apps : Top 10 Best Pregnancy Apps in 2020

Best Pregnancy Apps : Top 10 Best Pregnancy Apps in 2020

Pregnant women love to have information about the stage they are going through and what happens to the baby.

Even better when this information is given in a practical and fun way, through the cell phone.

It is possible to have access to tips, images, videos, and facilitating tools such as the contraction timer.

These are exactly the features that apps like Pregnancy +, My Pregnancy and My Baby Today and Sprout offer to future moms.

To help you choose the best pregnancy app, we’ll tell you how they work, what’s important to evaluate and also what are the top 10 best  Pregnancy apps. Check out!

    How Do Pregnancy Apps Work?

    Apps for pregnant women generally work the same way.

    You enter your data, such as the date of your last menstrual period, and from there it will expose information about the pregnancy and the baby according to the weeks of gestation.

    The pregnancy app can use text, images and videos.

    The goal is for the pregnant woman to access the application daily to gain new knowledge and answer her questions anywhere, quickly and without changing her routine.

    Many also send notifications notifying them of appointments, exams and other events. A practical form of pregnancy monitoring!

    There are also apps with more specific functions such as taking fun pictures of the growing belly month by month, counting contractions at the time of delivery and even interacting with other pregnant women.

    There is a world of options! Check out our tips below and choose yours!

    How to Choose the Best Pregnancy App

    Before downloading a lot of applications without knowing which one will really help, know the main characteristics that it must have to become a good aid during the 9 months of pregnancy.

    Read below what is most important!

    – Know the Types of Pregnancy Applications

    Before choosing an app to use during pregnancy, find out what types exist today and find out exactly which one is the “best pregnancy app suits” your needs:

    • Multifunction: in this app model you will find several resources gathered, such as an appointment schedule and exams, a kick counter and many pregnancy tips, as well as images of the development of the fetus.
    • Contraction timer: it monitors contractions, counting the amount and the time between them, to know when to go to the hospital.
    • Social network: works as a community of pregnant women who talk, exchange experiences and answer questions about various issues during this period.
    • Pregnancy photos: this type of application has the necessary resources to put together an album showing the changes that occur during the nine months.

    – Check if Resources Meet Your Needs

    The second factor to look at in a pregnancy app is the features it offers.

    There are several! Some are more focused on giving information about the stages of pregnancy, week by week, in addition to showing the development of the fetus inside the belly – there are wonderful 3D images!

    Other tools help in practice, such as the schedule of appointments and exams, the contraction counter, which calculates the time to go to the maternity ward, etc.

    And there are also those that make the period more fun, like the photo album and the kick counter. Choose an app with the features you like best.

    – Dealing with a Known Language is Better

    Most “pregnancy apps” built-in English versions. But, as they are used worldwide, their creators have invested in several languages.

    Because of this, there are some pregnancy apps for specific languages, we have several translated apps. Try to check the language of the application you want to use.

    – Check Which Features Are Free And Which Are Paid

    Some pregnancy applications are completely free. 

    Others offer a limited free version and an unlimited premium version, accessed for a one-time fee or subscription.

    The advantage of opting for the premium (paid) version is having access to more complete versions of the apps.

    There are also pregnancy apps that leave everything they own for free for a period and then ask for a fee to continue using it.

    It is up to you, after the experience, to evaluate if it is worthwhile or not to make the payment. Depending on the case, and the amount, it may be good to continue with the app.

    What is the best pregnancy app?

    Top 10 Best Pregnancy Apps in 2020

    Now that you know what is important to evaluate when choosing a good app for pregnant women, get to know the 10 best apps on the market and what each one offers.

    10 – Contraction timer

    For Those Who Are Concerned about Contractions
    This Contraction Counter is ideal for those who want to have more control when the time comes for delivery.

    With it, you can monitor the duration and intervals between contractions, and know the best time to go to maternity. In addition, this pregnancy app has 2 more functions.

    The contraction tracker shows a summary of the records you make during pregnancy.

    In Tips, there are several articles to help deal with the end of pregnancy.

    Those looking for a more complete application can use this as the second, more specific option.

    9 – WeMoms – Moms Advice – Pregnancy, Maternity

    A community for Mothers to Exchange Information.

    WeMoms’ ideology is no one better than one mother to help another! So, unlike other apps, it works like a social network.

    Several women from all over the world come together to exchange information and answer questions.

    The pregnant woman can access several communities depending on the stage the pregnancy is in or what doubt she has.

    There are several subjects, such as nausea, episiotomy, types of delivery, layette, among others.

    There are rules like not making judgments or criticisms. Nothing to feel alone in this very important phase!.

    8 – Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week. Contraction timer

    Best pregnancy app tracker.

    For Those Who Want Nutritional Tips, Beyond the Basics.

    Pregnant women who care about food will love this app! this app is the best pregnancy app tracker.

    He talks about the diet during pregnancy, with tips on nutrition, foods that may or may not be consumed and other information.

    So it is possible to create a food routine safely and control weight gain.

    In addition, it offers all the basic features such as weekly information about the baby’s development and pregnancy,  contraction timer and many tips for 9 months, considering the different stages of pregnancy.

    Best of all, most of these functions are free!.

    7 – Pregnancy Tracker, Due Date Calculator & Countdown

    With Basic Resources to Help Prenatal Care.

    The Pregnancy Calendar App brings all the basic features to help pregnant women for 9 months.

    It is possible, for example, to monitor the baby’s development in detail week by week and consult information on the stages of pregnancy. It even provides exercise tips!

    To make your routine easier in the last month, in addition to the tips, you can also count on the tracker and counter to monitor the contractions.

    Another advantage is that this information can be sent to the doctor, which allows you to better manage the time of delivery. And make you more relaxed.

    6 – My Prenatal

    App with an endorsement from UFMG Medicine Specialists.

    Developed by specialists from the UFMG Medical School in Germany, this application offers very secure information.

    There are resources to help throughout prenatal care, including the Birth Plan based on WHO guidelines.

    It is a pity that in the App Store it receives 2.5 stars because in Google Play it receives 4.5.

    In it, the pregnant woman can inform the maternity about procedures that she wants to be performed at the time of delivery, and even if she wants companions.

    It also has a place to ask questions about the various stages of pregnancy, a contraction counter and an album to include photos!

    5 – Hello Belly: Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Tips

    Application for pregnant women who want to take care of the mind.

    Hello, Belly is one of the cutest apps for pregnant women among those on the market.

    Unlike most, this app aims to give practical tips in a fun way, without delving into elaborate medical information. There are more than 400 tips from experts written in a playful way.

    Another differential of this application for pregnant women is betting on resources that help to take care of the mind, in addition to the physical.

    That’s why they offer different types of guided meditations and videos of yoga classes, both to do at home. It also offers wonderful 3D images of the baby in the womb. It’s useful and cute!

    4 – Baby Pics

    Create Wonderful Photos to Remember.

    Known as one of the best pregnancy photo apps, Baby Pics will help you take beautiful photos, from pregnancy to after birth.

    With features like filters and fun illustrations, you can record belly growth, baby kicks, birth, etc.

    In addition, the application also allows you to personalize your photo with texts, to mark dates, weights, names or describe what was happening at the time.

    There are several fonts and colours to use. And lastly, you can share your creations with relatives and friends on your social networks.

    3 – Pregnancy • Sprout

    One of the Most Complete and Easy to Use.

    One of the most celebrated apps for pregnant women, Pregnancy Sprout is quite complete.

    With high-resolution images that can be viewed in 3D, it is possible to monitor the development of the baby and pregnancy.

    Nutrition and health tips abound. Everything presented in a very intuitive way.

    The calendar for administering medical appointments also has reminders of matters to be discussed with the obstetrician.

    After a few days, free content becomes more limited. But that’s no problem if you liked the full app just pay the one-time fee to keep using it.

    2 – My pregnancy and my baby today

    Monitoring Pregnancy and Baby’s First Year.

    Developed by the prestigious BabyCenter group, the application brings a calendar of pregnancy full of information about the pregnancy and the growth of the baby.

    It also shows recipes, physical activities, tips, baby name suggestions and gives access to communities and forums to exchange information.

    After the baby is born, the application automatically changes for the mother to monitor and record the baby’s 1st year.

    This app for pregnant women starts to present articles and videos on health and safety in this phase, in addition to the baby’s album and daily calendar. A super complete app!

    1 – Pregnancy +

    The Most Popular and Most Resourceful App.

    Pregnancy + is the application that offers the most features and maybe that’s why it’s the most popular.

    It gathers practically all the tools that the pregnant woman needs to follow the pregnancy in a complete way, such as scheduling appointments and exams, task lists at each gestational stage and baby’s development.

    It also features videos with the baby’s evolution, layette and maternity list, name suggestions, delivery plan and kick and contractions counter.

    Much of the resources are free. To have access to everything you need to pay a small one-time fee that is worth the cost-benefit.


    Now you know how pregnancy apps can help for 9 months! They offer information and tools on the stages of pregnancy and the baby’s development.

    And they also have features that can have a lot of fun, like the pregnancy album and the kick counter.

    Choose the best pregnancy app that best meets your needs. And feel free to come back here whenever you need to remember our tips and see our ranking with the 10 best apps.

    Rest assured that we will always be here to help you!


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