Crypt Aes : Protect confidential documents or files

AES Crypt: Protect confidential documents or files

AES Crypt is a file encryption software available for various operating systems that uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) industry standard for easy and secure file encryption and does not need to be specialized to use it.

The only thing you need to do is right-click on a file, select AES Encryption or AES Decryption, enter a password, and the program will do the rest. On a Mac, you can drag a file to AES Crypt and type in the required password.

Using a powerful 256-bit encryption algorithm can ensure complete security for your most sensitive files.

Once your file is encrypted, you are doing not need to worry about it being completely useless to the one who holds it without the password.

However, because the password we enter is of the utmost importance (depending on the importance of the file or documents we want to encrypt) you will need to enter a strong password.

In a recent post, we’ve put together a very simple program for this purpose the Sordum Random Password Generator that will help you create powerful passwords.


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