DS4Windows: Use the PS4 controller to play games on Windows

DS4Windows: Use the PS4 controller to play games on Windows


DS4Windows is a portable program that lets you use a PS4 controller on your computer to play games on Windows.

Since the main idea is to be able to use it for Windows games, the design of the application was done this way. to do it in the simplest possible way.

Through the profiles, you make it easy to quickly switch different settings for your controller. You can adjust the controls for some games or adjust the light bulb to your favourite colour.

Along with handling switch profiles, you can also automatically switch your controllers to different profiles when certain programs start.

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To run the application export the 2 programs (DS4Windows and DS4Updater) where you want (My Docs, Program Files, etc.)

Start DS4Windows, a window will appear prompting you to install the driver, if not attend settings and click on “Adjuster / Driver Setup “.

Connect the DS4 via a micro USB or via BlueTooth (DS4 Device Name: “Wireless Controller”) you may need to enter a pairing code: 0000). For a Greek menu, download the file ( here ) and after extracting copy it to DS4Windows.resources.dll in the DS4Windows / System folder.


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