Every Android user needs this app in Windows 10 : Well done, Microsoft

Every Android user needs this app in Windows: 10 Well done, Microsoft

The included apps in Windows 10 are often superfluous – “your smartphone” is one of the few exceptions.

The smart app connects your smartphone directly to the desktop and now offers a wide range of useful functions.

The app has been an integral part of Windows 10 for some time, but many users should not know it at all: your smartphone.

The app links your PC with your Android smartphone, and with success.

In the beginning, you could still send or retrieve SMS messages and view the latest photos – exciting, but not exactly record-breaking.

In the meantime, however, your smartphone or “Your Phone” is a complete suite for controlling the smartphone from the desktop.

You don’t need anything more than the right companion app, some Samsung smartphones even have the option to connect anchored in the settings.

In addition to SMS, you can reply to all messages that appear in your notifications in the Windows app and view the notifications directly on the desktop.

Calls can also be answered and anyone who owns a Samsung smartphone can have it mirrored directly in the app.

Microsoft has now released two additional functions that are already available, at least for Windows Insider.

From now on, content from Samsung smartphones can be moved using drag & drop – from the smartphone screen directly to the PC and vice versa.

In addition, there is now a remote control for the music player. So if you hear Spotify on your smartphone, you can also select the next song on your PC or press pause.

Calls from the Windows desktop.

The app for your smartphone is pre-installed in Windows 10 and users can download the latest updates from the Microsoft Store.

The minimum requirement is Windows 10 version 1903. With this app, it is possible to type SMS messages, which are then sent via an Android smartphone.

Photos from Android phones also land on the Windows desktop and with the May update for Windows 10, Microsoft has enabled the possibility of telephony.

This works from Android 7. Calls are then displayed as a popup on the desktop with a linked Android smartphone.

You can also call contacts from your smartphone app and dial numbers freely.

Android Screen Mirroring: Cool function, but for a few smartphones.

With the current version of the app, it is still tricky to really use screen mirroring: the support does not cover certain Android versions, but runs device-based.

So you have to own a device that Microsoft has already successfully tested.

Currently, these are primarily the current Samsung smartphones (S8, S9, S10, Note 8, Note 9) as well as the OnePlus 6 and 6T.

A list of supported devices can be found in the official support document, announced models such as the Galaxy S20 and folding smartphone Galaxy Flip Z are also supported.

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If you soon own one of these devices, you can also copy content from your smartphone screen directly to your PC and vice versa.

If you have a compatible smartphone, you can easily operate your cell phone via the app.

This works particularly comfortably on laptops with a touchscreen, but there are also suitable control options for keyboard and mouse.

View notifications, photos, and text messages from Android on Windows.

The notifications pose no major hardware requirements.

With your smartphone app, you can display Android notifications under Windows.

This works in real-time and you can also set which notifications you want to receive under Windows.

The messages can also be deleted individually or collectively.

Now don’t let up, Microsoft
Photos, SMS and notifications should have been working with Android smartphones under Windows 10 for a long time, plus the call function. If you now bring the screen mirroring for more phones to the start, smartphone integration is a well-rounded thing under Windows 10.

So keep it up, Microsoft!
An alternative for everyone who wants to bring the Android screen to Windows to control the smartphone remotely: the ApowerMirror app. This is not quite as elegant as the Microsoft solution, but the hardware requirements are not as high.

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