How to change background on Microsoft teams ? : Checkout Step-by-Step Guide

How to change background on Microsoft teams.?

    How to change background on microsoft teams.?

    Changing background on Microsoft teams.

    Microsoft Teams is a popular video conferencing tool for taking part in video calls from the home office and keeping in touch with colleagues. In this article, we show you how you can adjust your background during video conferences.

    Adjust background in Microsoft Teams

    If you want to customize your background for video conferences in Microsoft Teams, you can do it with just a few clicks. First, start a meeting.

    How do i change the background of my video in teams

    • During a meeting, click More Options. This function is marked with three dots in the meeting window at the bottom of the screen (see picture).
    How to change background on microsoft teams.?
    To adjust the background in Microsoft teams select “More options” (Shown as three horizontals dots)

    • In the menu that opens, select Show background effects. Now you can choose from various background options.
    How to change background on microsoft teams.?
    Now Click on “Show Background effects

    How to change background on microsoft teams.?
    A menu appears with a selection of different backgrounds
    (Click the background you want)
    • Decide on the background here and click on it. The selected background is now inserted “behind” you.
    How to change background on microsoft teams.?
    The selected Background is inserted in your video Call.

    Blur background for business calls

    If you want to protect your privacy during video conferences via Microsoft Teams, for example, because pictures of family members and friends are in the background, you can use the “Blur background” function.

    • Again, during a meeting, click More Options.
    • Then click Show  Background Effects and select the blur to activate the feature.
    • Tip: For scheduled meetings, you can set the blur beforehand and start the video call with this background.
    How to change background on microsoft teams.?
    For business calls, the blur function works well to blur the background

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    Trick brings own backgrounds

    You can not yet import your own backgrounds into Microsoft Teams, as competitor Zoom can, for example. But with a simple trick, you can import your own images into the database and then use your individual background. So you can professionally display the company logo or a vacation photo from the beach.

    • Open the file path: C Users “Your PC” AppData Roaming Microsoft Teams Backgrounds Uploads
    • There you will see the pre-installed backgrounds and can now save your own picture.
    • Restart the application and you will find your individual background during video conferences.
    • On Mac, this also works via the Finder under your user name. Open the file path here: Library / Application / Support / Microsoft / Teams / Backgrounds / Uploads
    • Note for Mac users: First, you have to make the “Library” folder visible. Right-click on the white space in the folder and click on “Show display options”. Finally, tick “Show folder ‘Library'”.
    The zoom program is also well suited for changing background. You can find out how to change background on zoom in the next article.>>


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