How to change the background on zoom – Step-by-step

How to change the background on zoom – Step-by-step

Video conferences with zoom are becoming increasingly popular because they save time and can also be started conveniently in the home office.

Read here how you can use and personalize a virtual background in the tool.

    This is a virtual background in zoom

    Usually, you sit in front of a white or at least a neutral wall during a video conference. With a virtual background in the zoom, you can change this and thus design the conversation individually.

    • You can show a picture of your choice as a background during a meeting. This can be the logo of your company or a special place.
    • The virtual background is then visible to the people who are in the video conference with you.

    How to change background on zoom app.

    You shouldn’t do without this feature, because a virtual background looks professional and can be set up quickly:

    How to set a virtual background in zoom.

    • Start Zoom and click on “Settings“. There you will see the “Virtual Background” tab.
    • You will now see pre-installed backgrounds. To select one, simply click on the desired picture and confirm the selection.
    • If you want to use your own picture as background, click on “+ Add picture“. You can now select a photo or graphic of your choice.
    • The virtual background looks best if it has the format of the video camera. In most cases this is 16: 9. It is therefore best to crop the photo beforehand.
    • If you only want to activate the background during a conference, click on the circumflex, ie ^ , and then on “Select virtual background“.

    Tip: To ensure that the background is clearly visible to the other conference participants, you should ensure that the lighting is even.

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    With Zoom, you can add a virtual background to your video conference.

    Virtual background via snap camera

    If the Zoom offer is not enough, you can use another filter tool to help you. With Snap Camera you can mainly apply face filters, but you can also adjust the background.

    Since all users can also upload and release filters, the selection is large. You can find Snap Camera in our download area for Windows , Mac users will find it on the developer page.

    How to use Snap Camera in Zoom:

    • First install and open Snap Camera. The program now creates a virtual camera.
    • Next, open Zoom. Here you can now select “Snap Camera” instead of your normal webcam in the video settings.
    • To use the filters, you can either try the suggestions beforehand or in parallel in Snap Camera, or search the entire range using the search field.

    The Microsoft Teams program is also well suited for change background easily. You can find out how to change background on Microsoft Teams for free in the next article.>>


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