Manjaro Linux version 20 is now available, Review with installation Guide

Manjaro Linux version 20 is now available, Review with installation Guide

Manjaro Linux is one of the most popular Linux distributions ever and has just been released in version 20.

    Manjaro Linux version 20 is now available , with installation Guide

    Manjaro Linux version 20

    The update promises new features and some adjustments to the look.

    If you turn your back on Windows, you have to choose between Mac and a whole host of Linux distributions.

    One of the most popular Linux variants: Manjaro – which appeals to beginners as well as professionals.

    We offer the versions link with economical XFCE and the good-looking KDE desktop as downloads. Version 20 of the popular Distro has now been released and brings some innovations.

    Manjaro 20 is available?

    XFCE is now available with Manjaro 20.0 in version 4.14.

    The focus of the developers was largely on improving the user experience of the desktop and the window manager. A new theme called Matcha contributes to this.

    In addition, several profiles for display configuration can now be saved.

    The KDE version has received the Breath2 theme a revised look in light and dark version.

    There are also new console profiles and new skins for the Yakuake terminal.

    In addition, the text editor “Kate” has been given an additional colour scheme and plasma simple menu supplements the menu.

    Constantly new functions

    Manjaro is mainly developed in Austria, France and Germany and uses a rolling release model.

    This means that new features are not limited to major update milestones, but are continuously incorporated into the distribution.

    However, there is no need to fear major update, because the integrated package manager is responsible for all updates.

    In addition to automatic hardware detection, the installer also includes driver and codec integration, so that you can get started immediately without major rework.

    Good software equipment

    The software equipment from Manjaro is impressive and is what you would expect from a Linux distribution.

    There shouldn’t be much need for additional software for normal users, but you can, of course, let off steam and retrofit lots of tools.

    In general, adaptability is one of the strengths of the Manjaro system.

    How To Install Manjaro 20?

    Manjaro 20.0  Installation and Preview.

    In this straightforward video, I will show you how to set the latest version of Manjaro version 20.0  2020 Linux operating system on your laptop or desktop computer.

    You will need to download the latest iso image from and after you will also need to download Rufus portable application which you can find at the next thing you will need is an empty USB flash drive of 4GB in capacity or size.

    There is also a great community forum which you can ask anything about the Manjaro operating system.

    Manjaro 20.0  Installation Guide.

    I hope this post was helpful to you in any way thanks for reading and have an awesome day.

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