Microsoft wants to make Android better – but only for its own Surface Duo.

Microsoft wants to make Android better – but only for its own Surface Duo.

According to Microsoft, the Surface Duo will work perfectly with the in-house stylus Surface Pen.

However, this requires a few changes to Android – and only Microsoft’s cell phone with a double display should benefit from this at the beginning. Other manufacturers are left out.

Microsoft android, Microsoft wants to make Android better - but only for its own Surface Duo.
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Surface Pen: Improvements planned for Android.

The “Surface Duo” from Microsoft is not yet available, although it was introduced in autumn 2019.

How the group imagines its first cell phone in a long time is now quite well known, but smaller questions remain open.

One of these questions relates to the stylus. Microsoft apparently does not want to rely on existing Android solutions here, but rather to implement its own developments on Android.

The “Surface Duo” primarily benefits from this, which is of course taken as a reference model when developing new routines.

The greatest difficulty is the fact that the “Surface Duo” has two screens that should respond to inputs from the Surface Pen as quickly as possible.

Dragging an app from the left to the right screen with the stylus should also be possible, as should drawings that extend across both displays without interruption.

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In addition, the Surface Pen will be at least partially configurable, as reported by Windows Latest.

What is to happen with a single click or double click is up to the user.

Among other things, it is possible to open the camera or calendar app by double-tapping the screen with the Surface Pen.

A longer press can also be configured, for example, to take a screenshot. Additional, previously unknown gestures are likely to be added.

A “peek” gesture should allow a brief look at notifications.

Surface Duo: launch in June?

Exactly when Microsoft is launching its Android phone with two displays remains unknown.

It may be released in June 2020 – or a little later in the summer.

Android 10 will be preinstalled at the beginning, while Android 11 will follow “quickly”.

When it comes to equipment, flagship components can no longer be assumed.

Due to the late release, it is not the current Snapdragon 865 but the predecessor that is used as the processor.

It has 6 GB of RAM at its side and the battery has a capacity of 3,460 mAh. Microsoft has not yet revealed a price for the Surface Duo.

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