Netcam Studio: Remote monitoring application from PC or mobile

Netcam Studio: Remote monitoring application from PC or mobile

Netcam Studio: Remote monitoring application from PC or mobile

 Netcam Studio is a remote monitoring application designed for Windows operating systems that permits the creation of an efficient security system with remote access capabilities.

Supported by a wide variety of IP cameras and intended for use 24 hours a day The installation package contains: Netcam Studio Server (Netcam Studio X), Netcam Studio, NetCamp Studio Windows Client and Net Client Studio Web.

Netcam Studio is that the successor of webcamXP, the favoured webcam, and network camera monitoring software from Moonware Studios.

No permission or participation is required to use features such as motion detection and remote monitoring from another computer, phone or tablet. The free version allows 2 video sources to be connected.

The app also includes the ability to detect motion and speed so the video can only be recorded if there is some activity in the supervised area.

Finally, with the Rule Manager, you can specify your own internal or external actions such as: controlling the lights, playing sounds or sending alerts.

However, because the application includes too many settings we will focus on the most basic and essential. For the rest, you can consult the application manually.


1. After installation is complete, first-run Netcam Studio X (Server) and add the cameras you want to enable.

As you’ll see the app includes the power to feature your own surveillance camera. This can be any Webcam that’s connected to your computer up to IP cameras.

2. Click on Settings and give your server a name and specify its IP. As you’ll see the appliance automatically recognizes all available IPs on the network including your external IP.

This means that if you choose your external IP you will be able to monitor your site from anywhere on any device that has an internet connection. Finally, don’t forget to save your settings.

3. Click on the Next button, ( Access control) and in the window that opens, change the administrator password and add the members you want to access your cameras.

This means that anyone else with the username and password you have assigned will be able to see your site. At this point, you can also give the access rights that you want each user to have, but of course, you have to give yourself all the rights.


4. Above we’ve described the essential settings on our server that’s now ready and transmits to the IP we’ve specified.

In order to be able to download and view real-time videos from the cameras we have connected to another computer we will run the program again and once installed this time we will run Netcam Studio X (Client), and on the home screen, you will need to enter the username and IP that our Server has.

5. Finally, after logging in we have the full application panel through which we can view our videos directly and switch the cameras.

However, there is another alternative way to download without running Netcam Studio X (Client).

By default Netcam Studio. runs on port 8100, so open the web browser of your choice (ie chrome, firefox, etc) on your computer and type in the server’s IP address with the port for example 95.75.546.902:8100/#/; local = true. Enter your Username and Password now and login.


Generally, you should not have any problems. The only problem that somebody might face is that some routers have some ports locked for security reasons and you would possibly not be ready to download online if one of them is the 8100.

However, this problem can be solved very easily. , by adding this door as an exception to the router. However, because each router has different settings, we cannot provide specific solutions.

However, the general rule is to add this port to our router’s Port Forwarding option where LAN Host IP Address should set the internal IP of the computer running Netcam Studio as shown below:


For simple use, just in case we would like to watch and control our mobile we’d like to download Netcam Studio Mobile which is out there for Android and iOS devices and after running it all we have to add is its name Server that we have installed on our computer and the IP address of our server.

From then on we connect and can watch real-time video sources, save images or videos to the server to enable or disable motion detection, view the list of connected users, and view event logs.


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