New in Ubuntu 20.04: optics update and particularly long support

Ubuntu and Windows 10 are more similar in development than you think: There is a new version twice a year and you can try it out for a long time.

Unlike Windows 10, Ubuntu strictly adheres to its own release plan. Ubuntu 20.04 is now available for download as a beta.

Like Windows 10, Ubuntu comes with a new version twice a year. After the release of Ubuntu 19.10 in autumn, the spring version Ubuntu 20.04 is coming up.

Not only on this point does the popular Linux system tick like Windows 10, because there you can get your hands on the next versions quite early if you want to.

In the case of Ubuntu 20.04, you could download a fresh version every day for months and now the beta version is available for download on time.

Unlike Windows 10, Ubuntu does the thing with code names ice cold. For Ubuntu 20.04, they chose “Focal Fossa”. “Focal” means something like “in focus” and the fossas know fans of the film Madagascar, they are the local wild cats.

Ubuntu (64 Bit) Beta 20.04

Ubuntu fans can already take a look at Ubuntu 20.04 with this download. As with all beta versions, the system can still contain bugs.

Tacheboke rating: Good  –  DOWNLOAD

Live test or with VirtualBox

Windows could cut off one or the other disk from Ubuntu. The test mode is particularly pleasant. Users only have to load the image file and write it bootable on a stick, which is very easy with Rufus under Windows, for example.

Then you can test Ubuntu 20.04 live on your hardware. To do this, change the language to “German” and click “Try Ubuntu” in the installer.

Alternatively, for a non-binding look, you can install Ubuntu 20.04 in a virtual machine. You can easily do that under Windows with VirtualBox.

Download VirtualBox

– VirtualBox 6.1.4

VirtualBox is an open-source tool that you can use to run other operating systems in a virtual environment on your PC, such as Ubuntu Linux on Windows.

Rating: Very good  –  DOWNLOAD

– VirtualBox for macOS 6.1.4
VirtualBox is a free tool that allows you to run Windows or Linux on your Mac computer.

Rating: Very good  –  DOWNLOAD

– VirtualBox Extension Pack 6.1.4
The Extension Pack from VirtualBox extends the free virtualization software with useful functions.

Rating: Good  –  DOWNLOAD

LTS release with long support

Ubuntu launches a so-called Long Term Support Release every two years and Ubuntu 20.04 is ready again. That is why it comes with extended support of five years.

With Ubuntu 20.04, companies can get extra long support at an additional cost, it then runs for 10 years. An LTS release is also particularly suitable for users who attach particular importance to a stable system.

New in Ubuntu 04/20

Ubuntu is being improved in small steps and does not simply launch new products into the market.

This is especially true for the LTS versions because here the developers have to struggle to support all features for five years. That is why some novelties are of a cosmetic nature.

  • New theme: Of course there are new wallpapers and the Gnome 3.36 used changes in the colour scheme. Instead of green and orange, purple comes to the fore as an accent colour. The folders in the file manager also have a new look. If you want, you can explicitly switch Ubuntu from the standard view to the light or dark mode via the settings and “Display”.
  • Amazon app removed: For many years, Ubuntu came with a pre-installed Amazon app. It was easy to remove, but the sight of it annoyed many users. With Ubuntu 20.04 the app disappears from the installation images.
  • Accelerated tools: System tools like the calculator or the overview of log files start faster with Ubuntu 20.04.
  • Login and lock screen: Gnome 3.36 is also refurbishing the login screen and lock screen. Both should be noticed immediately by traditional Ubuntu users.
  • Fewer disturbances: Notifications are simply disconnected with a new switch in order to work undisturbed on the computer.
  • Faster VPN: Although Ubuntu does not yet use Kernel 5.6 with integrated Wireguard, the new VPN protocol is ported back to the kernel used. So look forward to a faster VPN in Ubuntu 20.04.
  • Software updates: Of course, Ubuntu 20.04 also comes with updated software, such as Kernel 5.4, Firefox 74 or LibreOffice 6.4.22.

Download Ubuntu Beta

Ubuntu (64 bit) beta 20.04

Ubuntu fans can already take a look at Ubuntu 20.04 with this download. As with all beta versions, the system can still contain bugs.

Rating: Good  –  DOWNLOAD


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