Nintendo Switch 2: Some information about what could come in 2021.

The Switch has been a runaway achievement for Nintendo, mainly after 2020 that had us all shut-in at home playing Animal Crossing.

The question now is… what comes next? Signs point to a new, 7-inch OLED version with viable 4K gaming when docked, coming later this year. It might also have a brand-new Nvidia processor that’s capable of 4K Nintendo gaming for the first time.

Does that imply a Switch 2 is coming later this year? It sure looks like it. Maybe it’ll be referred to as the Switch 2. Or a Switch Pro. New Nintendo Switch. Super Nintendo Switch. Super Nintendo Switch XL. Call it anything you want, however, it’s time for new Nintendo hardware to emerge. It’s looking increasingly probable that that long-rumored “Switch Pro” could subsequently happen in 2021.

The Nintendo Switch debuted 4 years ago; the much less expensive Switch Lite arrived years ago. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 have already arrived: Sony and Microsoft are in next-gen console land.

Meanwhile, a current Nintendo rundown of upcoming Switch games had no information on any new Switch hardware and felt light on big-call new games. 

Nintendo, as always, is coy on details. A Polygon interview with Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser last December recommended the Switch became midway in its console cycle, and that “current form factors” could be honored. But the reports of the latest hardware are mounting.

A Bloomberg report from earlier last 12 months stated Nintendo may already be looking to developers to improve their games to 4K for an eventual hardware refresh. More recent reports go into even more detail about the Nvidia hardware that might be inside.


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