Norton Security Scan: Scan your PC for virus security threats

Norton Security Scan: Scan your PC for virus security threats

Norton Security Scan may be a free, easy-to-use tool that scans your PC for viruses, spyware, and other security threats.

If it detects a threat, you’ll repair it by installing a Norton Security Service. When running a scan, Norton Security Scan downloads the newest virus definitions to detect threats on your computer. It uses Norton Insight, the award-winning technology that helps detect suspicious files.

However, it shouldn’t be considered as a real-time continuous protection antivirus substitute.

Norton Security Scan detects the subsequent security threats, like programs that affect other programs, the boot sector, the partitioned domain, or documents when imported or linked to the present media.

Most viruses are simply replicated but many cause malware, “Trojan horse” viruses, programs that contain malicious code that is within the sort of an honest element or are behind it, like a game or utility, tools that invaders use to unauthorized access to your computer like typing a sequence of characters, monitoring and recording every single keystroke, and should send this information to the attacker.

Programs which can scan systems or monitor activity and relay information to other computers or junk, programs that facilitate the delivery of promotional content through their own window or using another program’s interface, and programs that monitor system activity, collect system information or track user habits and transmit this information to 3rd parties.

Trackware programs are installed with the consent of the user and should be a part of another application package that the user installs.


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