Ps4 remote play for android 2020 : Setup

Play PlayStation games on your Android smartphone.

Ps4 remote play for android 2020 : Setup

Sony has an awesome service through which we can play on Android, the games we have bought on the PlayStation.

So you can even play a bunch at FIFA or when you are on a trip through Control on your mobile phone! This is the PS4 Remote Play app that was previously only available on Sony smartphones, but we can now use it everywhere, even on Windows or Mac OS computers!

The PS4 Remote Play was launched on PS4 version 7.00 (for third-party devices other than Sony), apparently to compete with Google Stadia and allow us to open our console and play our games, even when away from home.

It has touch control but allows us to connect the official Sony controller (Dualshock 4) to use. So all we really need is a high-quality internet connection to reduce lag as much as possible and enjoy our games.

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Yes, Now we move to set up guide

We’re setting the PS4 for Remote Play

Before we begin the installation we will need to enable Remote Play in our console settings to allow connection to other devices. This is done by going to “Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings” and turning on “Remote Play“.

Play PlayStation games on your Android smartphone

It is not necessary but we can also allow our smartphone to turn the console away when we go into the Remote Play application.

This is done by going to “Settings > Power Save Settings > Set Features Available in Rest Mode” and turning on “Stay Connected to the Internet” and “Enable Turning On PS4 from Network“.

Install PS4 Remote Play on Android

On your Android smartphone or tablet, we need to download the PS4 Remote Play app.

We open it and login with our account.

Then go to our console and the “Remote Play Connection Settings” menu and click “Add Device“.

Play PlayStation games on your Android smartphone

It will show us a code that we need to enter on Android and the two devices will be linked together.

Play PlayStation games on your Android smartphone

Using a similar procedure we can connect the console to our computer by following the instructions here.

How do we use PS4 Remote Play on Android?

Once our Android device connects to the console, we’ll see the PlayStation menu on the screen right away.

The app provides us with a full touch gamepad, which is not very convenient, but we can connect our own if we want.

We can choose a USB gamepad if supported by our device, and if we have Android 10 and up, we can set up via Bluetooth and Sony’s Dualshock 4.

So if you enjoy using the PS4 Remote Play, it’s worth combining it with a case like this for a more complete gaming experience.


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