Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Top smartphone greatly reduced price for a short time

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Top smartphone greatly reduced price for a short time.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series is one of the current top smartphones on the market. We show you when the price should be particularly attractive and where you can save the most money by buying a new Galaxy S20 model.

    Samsung Galaxy S20

    The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is currently one of the strongest smartphones on the market. But the still relatively new Android phones also have their price.

    It is therefore not surprising that Samsung fans are waiting for a cheaper offer. The Samsung Galaxy S20 starts at 899 euros, the larger version S20 Plus starts at 999 euros.

    If you want the high-end model, you have to put a proud 1,349 euros on the (virtual) counter.

    The Galaxy S20 Ultra even trumps the most expensive model of the current 11th generation from Apple.

    However, there are circulating a bit longer price forecasts that predict a relatively rapid decline in prices.

    You can find out when the smartphones should fall in price and where a purchase is worthwhile in the Samsung portal.

    Samsung s20 ultra pictures.

    samsung s20 ultra pictures,Samsung s20 ultra att Samsung s20 ultra pictures Samsung s20 ultra price Samsung s20 ultra specs

    Samsung s20 ultra pictures

    samsung s20 ultra pictures, Samsung s20 ultra att Samsung s20 ultra pictures Samsung s20 ultra price Samsung s20 ultra specs

    Samsung s20 ultra pictures

    Samsung s20 ultra pictures, Samsung s20 ultra att Samsung s20 ultra pictures Samsung s20 ultra price Samsung s20 ultra specs

    Samsung s20 ultra pictures

    Samsung s20 ultra att Samsung s20 ultra pictures Samsung s20 ultra price Samsung s20 ultra specs

    If you order from Samsung yourself, you can secure numerous advantages.

    Samsung Galaxy S20 series: Now Samsung cancels VAT

    Of course, you can buy the smartphone from Samsung official website, but the manufacturer Samsung is currently offering an attractive discount campaign:

    There is 19 per cent value-added tax – on “everything that connects”. In addition to smartphones, this also includes wearables and tablets.

    The reduced prices for the Galaxy S20 start at 755 euros, for the Galaxy S20 Plus at 839 euros and the top model S20 Ultra at 1,133 euros.

    The promotion is limited in time and ends on May 11, 2020.

    If you prefer to order the smartphone from Samsung, you can secure a number of other advantages: For example, you can also choose a suitable tariff for the new smartphone here, or pay the bill in instalments and take part in the Samsung upgrade program.

    You can finance the new smartphone for 24 months and after 12 months you can choose a new model from the range and exchange it for your then-current Galaxy phone – so you are always up to date with the latest Samsung smartphone status.

    Turn old into new: It will be really exciting for all those who trade in their current smartphone when buying a new Galaxy model.

    You don’t necessarily have to own a Samsung phone, you also get a discount for other brands.

    Depending on the brand, model and condition, you will receive a trade-in amount of more than 500 euros when you buy your new Galaxy.

    When you trade in a model of the following brands, you can save as follows:

    • Samsung: Up to 510 euros discount
    • Apple: Up to 530 euros discount
    • Huawei: Up to 390 euros discount
    • LG: Up to 230 euros discount
    • Sony and HTC: Up to 210 euros discount
    • Nokia: Up to 50 euros discount

    You can also save with a few more tricks when buying the Galaxy. The Galaxy S20 models are already being offered in attractive bundles with a new mobile phone contract.

    Samsung Galaxy S20 series: The flagship should drop in price so quickly

    The Samsung Galaxy S20 series should drop sharply in price within a few months of the release. This can also be concluded from the price trend of the previous models.

    In general, Galaxy smartphones fall the most in price within the first three to four months, the past shows savings of around 30 per cent after the first three months.

    Afterwards, the costs remain relatively stable and there are only occasional price fluctuations due to special offers.

    The Samsung Galaxy S20, which was initially 899 euros, will be around 200 euros cheaper within the first 3 months.

    After three months, the price levelled off at around 600 euros. A further drop in prices is then expected towards the end of the year.

    The background should not only be the release of the 12th iPhone generation from Apple, which took place a few months earlier.

    The new iPhones will probably be presented traditionally again in 2020 in the course of a keynote in September and will be launched shortly after.

    In order to remain competitive, especially in the Christmas business, the prices of the S20 series will probably be adjusted further down.  Then the S20 should fall below the 600 euro mark for the first time.

    The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is expected to experience a somewhat more moderate drop in prices than the sibling devices.

    The slightly larger model should become cheaper within the first month after sales start and will be available after around a month for around 800 euros instead of the 999 euros.

    The flagship smartphone will then gradually become cheaper and level off at around 650 euros after about five months after the release.

    After half a year, the costs will drop again and then move slightly above the price level of the Galaxy S20. Then the smartphone should only cost a little more than 600 euros.

    The high-end model, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, should only cost just over 1,000 euros within the first two months after the release and will, therefore, be 300 euros cheaper after only two months.

    The trend then develops in a similar way to that of the S20 Plus. After about three months, the price should drop below 1,000 for the first time and then level off at around 900 euros.

    A price slump is also forecast here in September. Then the top model should be available for a short time for just over 800 euros. Afterwards, however, the prices will rise again.

    As with the predecessor models, you can expect a cheaper price after around three months and then dust off worthwhile savings for the S20 models.

    Samsung Galaxy S20 series: More offers

    You can find offers from other retailers.

    Note: For smaller and rather unknown (third-party) retailers and marketplace offers, we recommend that you take a look at the imprint and the user reviews for security.

    Please also note that retailers sometimes adjust their prices several times a day; So before you buy, make sure to check again what price the dealer of your choice is currently making.


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