Protect yourself from spammers Protect yourself from spammers

Leaving your email as plain text on a forum, Twitter or various other sites makes it easy for you to target spammers and thus junk mail. Spam robots are constantly searching these sites to collect new emails from prospective victims. 

So don’t share your email on public sites. Instead, use a free online service that will convert your real email address (eg [email protected] ) into a secure and short URL (for example 

So anyone who really wants to send a message will be redirected to this URL, which will reveal the actual address of your email. But let’s look at what steps we should take.


1. After visiting the site, enter the e-mail we want to protect and click the Protect my e-mail button. Protect yourself from spammers

2. Copy our “new” e-mail and add it where we want it to appear. Protect yourself from spammers

3. From there on, to communicate with you, simply copy the e-mail that you see on a blank page in the browser you use and press ENTER  or click on your e-mail if you have linked to it, for example, phrase my e-mail and link your new address. 

As you can see for your visitor now your real e-mail should confirm via captcha code by clicking on the correct letters and numbers. Protect yourself from spammers

4. From there on, your real e-mail will be revealed to you.


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