Secret Netflix features: How to become a streaming professional

Secret Netflix features

Secret Netflix features: How to become a streaming professional

    Secret Netflix features

    Netflix is one of the most popular streaming providers in the world. The company offers a huge range of films and series. However, some functions are still hidden in the depths of the selection and the menus. We tell you which hidden Netflix functions you should know.

    Millions of people watch Netflix every day. Be it because a new series is enticing or a classic film is available via the streaming service. Despite this enthusiastic use of Netflix, many users have no idea that there are some additional functions hidden in the service. Or did you know, for example, that you can suggest series and films yourself? We summarize the best tips and tricks for you on Netflix.

    Netflix has an almost endless selection of films and series. Nevertheless, there are likely to be numerous users who cannot find specific content on the platform. In this case, the only option is to switch to another provider. Or isn’t it? Did you know that you can propose films and series yourself on Netflix?

    It’s easy to do on the Netflix help page. Under “Suggest series and films” up to three contents can be entered at the same time and then sent to those responsible. According to Netflix, it is not necessary to make a suggestion again and again. Each proposal is collected by the streaming platform, evaluated and possibly brought to the platform in the future. Best of all, you will be notified by email when your proposed content is available on Netflix.

    Top 10 lists on Netflix

    Recently, “Top 10” lists have appeared on Netflix. These always refer to the area in which you use your Netflix account. when you log in, you will see the top 10 lists for your country in the area of series and films. These are composed of the viewing behaviour of all Netflix users in their country.
    As a result, these lists change fairly quickly as new content on Netflix gains popularity. You will find these lists under the “Movies” or “Series” tabs below and can be used to receive recommendations from other users.

    Edit Netflix history & identify irregularities

    The offer from Netflix is gigantic. But that also means that in addition to the pearls, there are also numerous series and film flops in the repertoire of the streaming service. Since Netflix likes to use these (perhaps carelessly) clicked pipe squares to recommend further content, it is worth clearing out its own history. You can find this option by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner, selecting an account and then navigating to “My Profile“. Individual series and films can be deleted from the history under “Title history”.

    This is also really useful if you think your Netflix account has been hacked or you think someone has access to it without your knowledge. If you see titles that you have not watched, play it safe and look under “Account” – “Settings” and then “Recent streaming activity” for the logins. It lists exactly who logged on when from where and with which device. Should an unwanted entry appear, it is worth changing the password or not?

    Throw out unwanted Netflix users

    This trick for the streaming platform hits a notch similar to that of unlawful Netflix users. Netflix accounts are often shared, which is prohibited by Netflix but is still a widespread practice. However, the actual owners of the Netflix account sometimes lose track of who has access to the account at all. Here you should navigate to your account (via profile picture), scroll down to the settings and select “log out of all devices“.

    Then all users connected to the same Netflix account simply fly out and would have to log in again. In combination with a new password, the account is quickly freed from unwanted access.

    Series and films that will soon disappear from Netflix

    Netflix is constantly changing – at least when it comes to content. Numerous series and films are added every month. But the offer is not growing all the time. At the same time, much of the content disappears indefinitely. Each film and series has an expiry date, which Netflix shows under “Details“.
    Finding out what content will soon be disappearing from Netflix is even easier. Every month we compile an overview of the films and series that the streaming service removes.

    Tests on Netflix

    Netflix keeps improving its platform with new features. Most of them should still escape the watchful eye of streaming users. By default, participation in the test program is activated on Netflix and runs virtually without user intervention. If you want to prevent the whole thing because you either don’t feel like the changes or only want these innovations when they finally appear, then a look at the account is worthwhile.

    In the account, you will find the settings and finally the item “Participate in the test program”. Click on it and flip the switch to “Off“. Netflix already stays with the features that will also be finally released.


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