SterJo NetStalker: Select which applications you want to access the internet

SterJo NetStalker: Select which applications you want to access the internet.

SterJo NetStalker

This simple application acts as firewall software and can protect your computer from any unwanted online activity.

It will monitor the TCP and UDP connections that are currently enabled by services and applications that you are running on your computer.

Once the application starts, it will automatically scan all services and processes running on your computer.

They appear on the “Activity” tab, and you can also see information about local and remote IP addresses and ports, and the current status of the service.

A status bar will tell you about the activity of all these connections. If you notice any suspicious process that may be harmful to the security of your computer, a window will appear to close the process or allow the internet access process.

One of its features is to keep track of all your online activity and save it to files. There is the log tab that stores all the logs and the history tab that saves all the actions you take.

The program works similarly to a firewall. The benefit of the application is that you do not need to install anything on your computer.

In other words, just click on the executable file to get it started. No installation required.


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