The 12 best free real-time protection programs

Protecting a computer from viruses should be the first concern of even the most novice user. It is essential to have a good antivirus installed on our computer that will protect us in real-time from potential risks. The solutions offered are quite reliable and absolutely free.

The order in which they are quoted is completely random without any indication of superiority over one another.

The 12 best free real-time protection programs

1. Panda Free Antivirus

The latest version of Panda Antivirus is a particularly lightweight but highly effective antivirus with high-speed virus detection and related threats.

This version has improved performance based on cache optimization and memory management, as well as improved isolation management and recovery of disinfected files.

2. Comodo Cloud Antivirus

Comodo Cloud Antivirus is a free antivirus that uses a powerful combination of antivirus monitoring technologies, auto-sandbox (This is a very useful feature, I would say for anyone who wants to try out applications that want to install or even run on a virtual environment) to analyze the behaviour and immediately protect your computer against all known and unknown malware.

It protects your computer from all forms of malware, it is simple to install, configure design and use.

It supports Viruscope technology that detects and blocks any malicious behaviour in unknown files. It gives you complete protection while allowing you to run any application in the sandbox.

In conclusion, it is a step ahead of traditional antivirus as it assumes the protection of your computer against unknown threats that have not yet been discovered.

3. Avast

The latest version of the world’s most reliable security has arrived and is totally free. Avast protects more than 220 million people, businesses, and mobile phones worldwide; identify vulnerabilities in your network to prevent router and other network devices from attacking. from hacker attacks.

Remove annoying applications and extensions from your browsers and restore search engines that are hijacked.

Easily update important software programs to increase the overall security and health of your computer. Finally, with the help of the Remote Assistance feature, you can offer or receive help online.

Along with the Windows version, you can also download the respective versions to protect your Android and iPhone mobile phone and protect your devices safely by not only enjoying the first-class protection but also protecting your mobile phone the risk of identity theft and breach of your privacy.

Now, with the new Game Auto feature, all Windows and Avast alerts are put on hold so you have the maximum processing power and speed in your game.

In addition to the newest features, it provides smart threat detection and real-time protection with minimal impact on computer speed.

The menu between free Avast and Premier is exactly the same as in the free version some services are disabled.

So you can upgrade if you like the free version of AVAST and enjoy the extra protection features that are not available in the free version.

4. 360 Total Security

360 Total Security is one of the best free programs for controlling your PC and beyond. It includes five of the best antivirus machines including Avira and Bitdefender protecting you from malicious phishing software, Trojan horses and unknown threats via cloud technology, providing complete protection.

In addition to the classical antivirus program, it also offers very good optimization and cleaning services and helps you save disk space by cleaning up junk files from your PC so that it works more efficiently, helps you manage plug-ins and services, which will reduce the startup time of your computer.

One of the many advantages of the application is the ability to run or install applications in a Sandbox environment, which means you can run in any program’s virtual environment.

5. ZoneAlarm

ZoneAlarm is one of the best protection programs for your PC and has been active in security applications for many years. from viruses.

You do not need to configure the program in advance. Control of incoming and outgoing network traffic is achieved through the use of rules.

Each time a program attempts to connect to the Internet, or another machine tries to connect to your computer, a pop-up alert will pop up asking you if network traffic for that particular application should be allowed or blocked.

ZoneAlarm is only compatible with MS Windows Defender.

To install it you must first uninstall other antimalware software, otherwise, you may have issues with your operating system stability.

6. Sophos antivirus

Sophos antivirus is a completely free application for Windows and Mac to protect you from malware, inappropriate websites, and viruses.

It uses the same award-winning technology that IT professionals rely on to protect their business systems. Best of all, you can manage your entire family’s security settings from any browser.

For the first time, many of the same real-time protection technologies available on the professional Intercept X product are now available for Sophos Home as well, so you have the same level of protection as trusted banks, governments and businesses worldwide.

Sophos Home alerts you when an external source is trying to access your camera or microphone.

This enables you to allow or block the action.

This protects your bank and credit card information from being spied on. Immediately after installation, it performs a deep scan to find and clean up any malware. Works on Mac and Windows.

7. AVG AntiVirus Free

AVG AntiVirus had a really good response to the performance of our PC with none major delays.

In terms of its appearance, you’ll not see much difference from the previous version, but in fact, there’s an optimization of its functions and you’ll not see any delay within the operation of your computer.

AVG will by default install the AVG navigation toolbar (if you are doing not wish to deselect the relevant fields).

This can help your security since this feature isolates dangerous pages in program search results, we chose Custom Install during installation without installing the AVG browser toolbar. AVG will by default install the AVG navigation toolbar (if you are doing not wish to deselect the relevant fields).

this will help your security since this feature isolates dangerous pages in program search results, we chose Custom Install during installation without installing the AVG browser toolbar.

Generally, this is often a superb antivirus, at no cost. Of course, as you’ll see within the program is additionally included the commercial version of the program with some additional features that antivirus offers you in its free version.

During the primary full scan, it’s going to take a touch longer than expected, but subsequent scans are going to be much faster.

it’s without a doubt a worthwhile proposition for those that don’t want to spend money on protecting their computer, without missing anything in action and effect.

8. Avira Free AntiVirus

Avira AntiVirus is the continuation of the excellent Avira AntiVir Personal antivirus.

Installation is far faster and faster than the previous ones and although there are not any major visual changes during this release though there are some very substantial changes, like program optimization in order that it consumes less memory than the previous version. , a far better antivirus engine for locating and troubleshooting malware but also the power to pick the priority of scanning on your computer to avoid slowing it down.

It also has the power to watch threat behaviour, allowing the program to detect even the foremost recent and unknown threats. in fact, it’s a parental control filter, a backup, disaster recovery tool.

I should note that a number of the additional features of the program are disabled within the free version without it meaning that however it doesn’t keep its basic features unchanged which makes it even in its free version one among the simplest programs of its kind. of.

Last but not least, it detects and removes over 150,000 viruses, and provides us with protection against unknown viruses and macros, protection from hidden rootkits, trojans, worms, backdoors, jokes, and usually any quite harmful program.

The appliance is additionally amid some individual applications that complement its effectiveness, however, a number of them are time-limited and should generally cost your computer a touch.

So my personal opinion is that if you’re just curious about an honest antivirus to install it thoroughly but avoid installing all the opposite accessory gadgets.

9. Kaspersky Security Cloud-Free

It is probably one among the simplest Windows protection programs that have just released its newest version, and one among them absolutely free.

The award-winning security technology that automatically blocks dangerous downloads and alerts you to malicious websites automatically. the safety with which it’s designed protects you, without hindering you.

With real-time data fed directly from the cloud, your computer is shielded from the foremost common threats. so as to figure with the appliance it’s enough to download and install it on your computer, from there you’ll get to register.

In its free version, it protects you in real-time from viruses and usually malware locally on your computer and while browsing the web. Its commercial release includes more features.

10. McAfee AntiVirus Plus

McAfee is one of the oldest and hottest companies that deal with security software for computers and other devices.

With its award-winning virus protection and cloud-based threat analysis, it keeps you protected without slowing down your computer. it’s a strong security suite for cover against viruses, trojans, rootkits, spyware, adware, and other malware.

Mcafee features Active Protection technology which suggests it can instantly analyze and suspend new threats in milliseconds so there’s no gap in your protection and provides you with a totally secure internet browsing experience.

11. Universal AV

Universal AV combines high detection rates of 10+ professional Antivirus cloud standard engines enabling viruses and malware to be diagnosed from multiple trusted sources rather than only one without consuming an excessive amount of your computer’s resources.

This significantly reduces the prospect of accidentally deleting or isolating a totally secure file, also referred to as a false positive. Immediately after installation, SecureAPlus will perform a full-scale initial scan. By completing this unique process, complete system checks are going to be much faster.

It gives you longer to try to more important things. SecureAPlus automatically scans your entire computer from new startup threats and on a daily basis (every 4 hours) to make sure that each session is totally secure.

It uses virus protection machines within the cloud to supply the foremost accurate diagnosis to detect potential threats – effectively giving a second opinion to the 10+ antivirus machines available without slowing down your computer.

12. Immunet

Protect your friends and family by inviting them to hitch the free Immunet Community. Each additional community member enhances Immunet’s data analysis and enables it to supply more complete protection.

If a member of the community comes in touch with an epidemic or malware, Immunet will automatically add protection for the remainder of the community.

But what’s Immunet? it’s a free, cloud-based Anti-Virus software that uses new technical approaches to supply protection against malware.

it’s designed to run in parallel with antiviruses like Symantec, AVG and Mcafee and provides significantly improved detection rates for these products.


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