The 6 Best Model Gaming Mouse pad : 2020

The 6 Best Gaming Mouse pad: 2020

The gaming mouse pad is an object often overlooked, even by the most attentive gamers.

Despite this, even the most advanced gaming mouse can yield little if it does not find a suitable surface for scrolling.

Beyond the purely playful side then, a better fluency can also favour a correct use of the mouse, preventing possible hand problems in the medium-long term.

Therefore, the choice of this product is not as obvious as it may seem at first glance. How to choose a gaming mat? And above all, what are the best models currently on the market? In this short guide, we will try to clarify this.

the best gaming mouse pad, The 6 Best Model Gaming Mouse pad : 2020

The best gaming mouse pad

    Gaming mouse pad? A far from the obvious choice

    The market offers a series of almost limitless products, even though most of them focus on the purely aesthetic side.

    Having the mouse pad “branded” however does not lead to concrete advantages in terms of gaming.

    With a few simple precautions, however, it will be possible to identify a product capable of completing the user experience, going to fully support the mouse and allowing us to make the most of its DPI.

    Here are some interesting considerations regarding these types of products.

    – The dimensions

    Although few people really notice, mouse mats actually have different sizes.

    If the spaces available on the desk have to be reckoned with, the sensitivity of the mouse also has a specific weight that determines this.

    Those who prefer to play with very high sensitivity of the peripheral, will in fact hardly need large spaces to move the cursor.

    Broadly speaking, there are mats ranging from 25 x 21 centimetres to some extremely wide ones that exceed 90 x 30 centimetres.

    It is a very wide range, which includes several intermediate shades.

    – Materials and smoothness

    Mouse mats are mainly divided into two categories: soft and stiff.

    It is a choice that splits the world of PC gaming in two. This choice is largely conditioned by the type of mouse used.

    Rigids usually favour smoothness. The soft ones, on the other hand, tend to slightly “brake” the cursor.

    As we have already guessed, however, what makes the difference are above all personal tastes and one’s gaming habits.

    In this context, great importance is also covered by the type of mouse adopted.

    Those with LED light, in fact, have a sliding system that stops at the surface of the material of the mat, while the mice with laser light go deeper.

    In fact, soft and fabric surfaces are not particularly suitable for mice that use lasers.

    – Wrist support and lighting

    Some models of mousepads are equipped with a sort of wrist support.

    This, at least theoretically, protects against problems such as the carpal tunnel or tendinitis in the area of the hand.

    This is an appreciable solution for ordinary users, but for gaming?

    Much depends on the individual user and the feeling he has with the mouse and the mat.

    When it comes to professional or high-level gamers, what can be considered as an advantage can instead constitute a real limitation.

    For those who love particularly eye-catching components, it should be emphasized that various models of floor mats offer customizable LED lights.

    Obviously, this is not something that influences the actual work of the mat much, but an extra to be taken into consideration.

    – Cost

    How far can a mouse pad move? Obviously, characteristics such as the material used and dimensions have a significant weight in this sense.

    It should not be forgotten that a prestigious brand can further increase the overall price.

    Generally, it ranges from 5 euros of the most basic models up to close to a hundred.

    Broadly speaking, by spending a 20-30 euro, it is still possible to have a high-level mat.

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    The best gaming mouse pads.

    Without this premise, we can dive headfirst on the main offers offered by digital stores.

    1 – RAVER Gaming Mouse Mat

    Let’s start immediately with a rather interesting product, namely the RAVER Gaming Mouse Mat.

    the best gaming mouse pad, The 6 Best Model Gaming Mouse pad : 2020

    It is a rather spacious model ( 780 x 300 mm ) capable of fully satisfying a mid-level gamer (and not only).

    The smooth surface and the lights that characterize the edge of the product (up to 10 ways of managing them), make it particularly pleasant both as regards the actual use and as regards the simply aesthetic side.

    If you add to this an affordable price, to say the least, you understand why this mat is so widespread.

    2 – Sidorenko mouse pad

    Still, in large dimensions, we cannot fail to mention the Sidorenko mouse mat, which is strong at 900 x 400 mm in size.

    the best gaming mouse pad, The 6 Best Model Gaming Mouse pad : 2020

    The seams along the edges ensure that the gaming mouse pad never frays or peels off. that’s how the product still looks after years, as the first day.

    Not only that: it is easy to clean and wash (provided with cold water).

    Able to guarantee maximum precision in movements, it can benefit from a practical non-slip rubber base, which allows the mouse to use a firm surface.

    3 – Hiveseen Gaming Mouse Mat

    With Hiveseen Mouse Gaming Mat we treat a high-level product but with a low price.

    Beyond the dimensions, equal to 800 x 300 millimetres, the 14 lighting modes with which you can customize the product stand out.

    The 6 Best Model Gaming Mouse pad : 2020

    The fabric with which the gaming mouse pad is made allows precise control of the cursor, regardless of the sensitivity of the mouse.

    The material with which this mat is made is resistant to water and wear, allowing it to provide perfect support to the player for several years.

    The lights are powered via USB, with a simple plug and play system and require no special drivers to operate.

    4 – Corsair MM1000

    With Corsair MM1000 you can definitely change gear, offering a superb level mouse pad.

    This is not a simple mouse holder, but also a hub for wireless charging.

    the best gaming mouse pad, The 6 Best Model Gaming Mouse pad : 2020

    The same product features adapters for Micro-B, TYPE C and Lightning Qi USB charging that allows you to charge practically any type of wireless/mobile device currently on the market.

    The charging status can be checked through the specific LED indicator.

    Returning to the functions strictly related to the use of the mouse, it is good to underline how the surface consists of a micro-texture, optimized for the precision of laser and optical mice.

    The surface, decidedly smaller than the other models, is 260 x 350 mm and allows easy placement in any type of desk.

    The price is much higher than the average, but Corsair MM1000 is qualitatively one of the best products in the whole sector.

    5 – JiaQi Premium

    We remain focused on high-end products with JiaQi Premium. 

    It is a mouse pad that comes in various sizes, ranging from 600 x 300 millimetres to 1,400 x 700 millimetres.

    the best gaming mouse pad, The 6 Best Model Gaming Mouse pad : 2020

    Regardless, the product is made of first quality elastic material suitable for intense and prolonged use of the same.

    The model of the treated mat is water-resistant, is made of superfine fibre.

    It allows the sliding movement of the mouse, also offering a highly ergonomic design that promotes wrist comfort.

    It is, therefore, a product suitable for anyone who spends many hours of the day in front of the PC, be it gaming or office work.

    The price varies depending on the size but, apart from that, the mats proposed by JiaQi are of excellent workmanship.

    6 – Havit XXL Gaming Mouse Mat

    With havit Mouse Gaming Mat XXL, you have to deal with yet another ideal solution for any type of gamer.

    the best gaming mouse pad, The 6 Best Model Gaming Mouse pad : 2020

    The model in question features a multicolour RGB backlight, capable of managing 14 fantastic lighting modes with different colours and light modification modes.

    The mouse pad in question is powered by a standard USB cable with Plug and Play installation.

    The surface proposed to the user is equal to 800 x 300 millimetres, while the material of which the mat is made is rather soft and easy to clean.

    The friction is extremely low and allows, both with laser and optical mice, to have maximum precision.

    7 – ZUEN mouse pad

    So let’s end this list with the ZUEN Mouse Mat. Referring to this model of the mouse pad, the 8 colours available with LED light stand out, which can be managed with a special button.

    the best gaming mouse pad, The 6 Best Model Gaming Mouse pad : 2020

    The dimensions, equal to 800 x 270 millimetres, appear high but at the same time allow placement in almost any type of desk.

    In fact, the mat proposed by ZUEN is easily adaptable to your bedroom or workplace.

    As far as the materials of manufacture are concerned, it is a fabric that can be washed with water but, at the same time, is non-slip.

    The use of natural resin also makes the mouse pad particularly resistant to wear and the passage of time.

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