The best anonymous browser 2020 : Most Anonymous-OS in the World.

The best anonymous browser: Most Anonymous-OS in the World.

Tor browser, privacy tools and numerous security options: you won’t find a more anonymous operating system than Tails. The Linux distribution has now been released in version 4.6.

If you value privacy and anonymity when surfing the Internet and doing your daily work, Windows is often out in the rain.

The situation is different with Tails, which gained massive popularity in the wake of the NSA scandal and is even recommended by Edward Snowden: The Linux distribution aims to provide users with all the tools and options to surf as securely and anonymously as possible.

For this, the Linux live system uses various tools such as the Tor network, but other programs such as LibreOffice or Thunderbird are also available for productive work.

To make it easy for you to get started, all programs are already preconfigured and can be used immediately.

In the current version 4.6, the OS now supports so-called U2F USB sticks (Fido sticks), which enable password-free logging in at the push of a button and are considered very secure.

In addition, the integrated version of Tor has been updated and a number of vulnerabilities have been fixed.

The developers, therefore, advise that Tails be updated as quickly as possible. All changes from version 4.6 can be found in full detail directly from the manufacturer.

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Best anonymous browser.

Tails are absolutely merciless on one point: it directs all traffic through the TOR network in order to protect the privacy of its users through anonymization.

To ensure this, it no longer relies on Firefox, but its own TOR browser including HTTPS Everywhere and uBlock Origin, KeePassXC is used as the password manager and the system relies on the well-known Mozilla Thunderbird with the powerful encryption tool Enigmail for emails.

All programs are pre-configured and therefore easy to use.

If Tails causes you problems when starting, there is also a troubleshooting mode that boots only the most important components.

Ideal for surfing, but not a replacement for Windows

Tails offer you everything you need to work on a PC, but the live system cannot be used as a replacement for Windows.

After all, you don’t want to leave any traces and how could that be better than with a live system.

In addition, anonymous surfing on the net is also a matter of patience – the connection to the TOR network takes its toll.

The encryption process and the structure of the network are not designed for high-speed surfing, but for anonymity.

The good thing about Tails: The most common applications are already preconfigured so that you can use them immediately. The tedious work on various settings for software and system is therefore no longer necessary.

That is why Tails is highly recommended as a live system that protects your privacy. By the way, you can also easily test Tails in a virtual machine.


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