Top 10 Best Security Cameras to Buy in 2020

Top 10 Best Security Cameras to Buy in 2020

Security cameras are important to inhibit the action of criminals and to monitor what happens in the rooms of the residence and throughout the property.

So it can be a great choice to purchase one. To decide which model is best for you it is important to look at factors such as resistance, resolution, angle of the lenses, among others.

    It may seem difficult, but don’t worry because we have made a complete guide on how to choose the ideal camera.

    And to make it even easier, also check out our ranking of the 10 best security cameras on the market.

    There you will find great models of Intelbras and Multilaser cameras. In the end, also see our tips on using the security camera!

    How to Choose the Best Security Camera

    Among the main aspects that influence the choice of the ideal security camera, are the equipment’s resistance, resolution, angulation, ability to shoot at night and ways of connecting.

    See the topics below for everything about each of these features!

    – For Outdoor Areas Choose Dust and Water Resistant, Models

    To monitor outdoor areas the security camera must be resistant to water, dust and wind.

    After all, she will be constantly exposed to these variables. The minimum standard of protection to be chosen is IP66, this seal offers protection against intense jets of water, wind and dust, this ensures the safety of the equipment and extends its useful life.

    – Dome or Bullet? Choose the Format Depending on the Installation Location

    The two main formats for security cameras are known as dome and bullet.

    Bullet cameras are more resistant, it is the model most used in monitoring homes, businesses and condominiums since they can be installed in indoor and outdoor areas.

    The dome format is compact and discreet, recognized by the circular shape of the housing, which allows greater angulation of the security camera.

    This model is ideal for indoor areas, as it does not have as much protection against rain, wind and dust.

    – Wired or Wireless? Think about the Installation Location to Decide

    Observe the installation location carefully, security cameras always have electrical power wires and some have video cables.

    In addition to the electrical part, the video cables are relevant, pay attention to direct them discreetly to the image recorder and always check that the cable length is satisfactory.

    IP security cameras (Wi-Fi) do not have a video cable but pay attention to the installation location to avoid signal interference, check the placement so that the network is connected.

    What seems like an advantage can become a problem if your home does not have adequate signal coverage!

    – Prefer Color Cameras with HD or Higher Resolution

    There are security cameras that shoot in black and white or in colour.

    However, it is not possible to make colour images in the dark. For this reason, even colour cameras that have a night shooting feature will make images in black and white when there is no lighting.

    Anyway, to achieve a greater wealth of details, the ideal is to opt for cameras that film in colour.

    However, there is no point in having a colour camera if it does not have a good resolution. The higher the resolution, the better!

    However, Full HD cameras tend to be more expensive and, depending on your need, may not be worth it. For home use and in small environments, cameras with HD resolution (720p) will already offer clear and detailed images. Bet on one of these!

    – Prefer Infrared Cameras, They Record Day and Night

    The infrared sensor is a feature that allows images to be sharper in night recordings.

    It is important to check the range of this sensor and position the camera according to the available footage specification.

    Cameras that record day and night (Day & Night), that is, in bright or dark environments, is the best choice! Composed of automatic infrared, this security camera model is versatile and can be positioned in different locations.

    – To Have a Wide Field of View, Choose Cameras with 90º or + Angle

    Depending on the angle of the camera, your field of view changes, that is, you can shoot more or fewer things. Therefore, always check the camera’s angle.

    After all, there’s no point in buying a security camera that can’t shoot the entire desired field, is it?

    If you want to position the camera further away from the location you want to shoot, the ideal is to choose cameras with angles below 67º.

    They deliver an effect similar to zooming in on the image, that is, they shoot in distant objects in detail, but they are unable to film what is around that object.

    Therefore, they are bad models for shooting wide areas, but great for focusing on details such as plates and faces.

    If you want to shoot an entire room without having to move the camera, the ideal is to prefer cameras with an angle greater than 90º.

    This angle is also suitable for shooting outside areas more widely, without focusing on a single point.

    – Also, check for additional functions

    Some cameras have additional functions that can be valuable in inhibiting crime and vandalism in certain locations.

    There are models, for example, that can record audio too. Many models of wifi cameras also have the option of sending sound remotely to the location where the camera is located.

    Another very important function is to move the camera from a distance.

    This function makes it easier to cover blind spots, as you will be able to move up and down, to one side and to the other. Finally, keep an eye on models that automatically shoot when they detect any movement in the room.

    – Also, Consider the Cost of Image Storage

    There are 4 ways to store the images recorded by security cameras: in the cloud, on the external hard drive exclusive to the monitoring centre, on a computer hard drive or on the memory card built into the camera itself.

    Much of it only works with the purchase of an exclusive HD, make sure the cost of this equipment fits your budget too!

    In the cloud, storage is safer, occurs automatically, without limitations and can be accessed from anywhere.

    But, the internet is not so good everywhere in the country and a disadvantage of this system is that it is often necessary to subscribe to a storage service.

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    Top 10 Best Security Cameras to Buy Online

    After knowing all the specifications to choose the best security camera, we make your decision easier with the list of the 10 best models of the moment for you to buy online.

    10 – VISIONBRAS – HFW2000R $ 99.00

    Great Option to Start Monitoring Environments.

    This is an entrance security camera, to start monitoring indoor and outdoor locations.

    With simple yet consistent features, the Visionbras camera has HD resolution and a range of 20 meters during nighttime filming.

    Easy to position, this camera has a 2.8 mm lens and, although the brand does not specify its field of view, with a lens like this it should probably be between 90 and 110º.

    Therefore, it is a camera with a wide field of view and that will work well to monitor open spaces or entire rooms.

    Usage environment : Internal and External – IP66
    Connection: Cables and connectors
    Infra-red : 20m
    Additional Functions :
    Resolution : HD
    Shot Color : Colorful (day & night setting)
    Field of vision :

    9 – HIKVISION Dome $ 89.90

    The Hikvision dome camera is excellent for indoor areas, it must be installed close to the ceiling, which gives more discretion for monitoring.

    As it does not have an IP66 index, this camera must be protected against humidity and wind.

    The 92-degree field of view is wide, that is, it will be possible to shoot an average room with few blind spots.

    In addition, your infrared has a good range and will not leave anything to be desired.

    Usage environment : Internal
    Connection: Cables and connectors
    Infra-red : 20m
    Additional Functions :
    Resolution : HD
    Shot Color : Colorful (day & night setting)
    Field of vision : 92nd

    8 – ELGIN 4 in 1 $ 73.50

    The Camera Easy to Handle and Position.

    This security camera from Elgin is easy to handle, the direction control allows you to keep the focus to a point of attention, where it is possible to obtain sharp images, with HD resolution.
    However, the angle is limited to 67 ° making it more suitable for shooting details such as license plates or faces that are at a distance.

    The infrared capacity is up to 25 meters, which will guarantee a good focus even at night.

    Usage environment : Internal and External – IP66
    Connection: Cables and connectors
    Infra-red : 25m
    Additional Functions :
    Resolution : HD
    Shot Color : Colorful (day & night setting)
    Field of vision : 67th

    7 – MULTILASER SE173 – $206.90

    Long Range for Nighttime Monitoring.

    The SE173 security camera from Multilaser is perfect for monitoring from a distance.

    As it has a 16 mm lens its field of view is not very wide, but it will be able to shoot in detail even objects that are more than 50 meters away.

    It has 2 military LEDs that guarantee a range of up to 80 meters for your infrared, too!

    In addition, it films in Full HD which will ensure a high level of detail when shooting faces, tattoos and license plates.

    Anyway, the SE173 is a great option to use in places where more discreet monitoring is necessary because even from a distance this camera will produce great images.

    Usage environment : Internal and External – IP66
    Connection: Cables and connectors
    Infra-red : 80m
    Additional Functions :
    Resolution : full HD
    Shot Color :
    Field of vision :

    6 – ELSYS Esc-WR2 $259.55

    Complete Room View and Interaction.

    The Elsy’s camera is made to monitor rooms, ideal for people who have many employees at home or for small stores that need monitoring without blind spots, but cannot invest in many cameras.

    It can be supported on a surface or attached to the ceiling. It can also be used as a baby monitor, to accompany the elderly or to control pests.

    This model of security camera has two major differentials, the ability to rotate for a nearly 360-degree view, and a combination of microphone and speaker, which allow you to hear what is happening in the environment and also speak remotely to people in the place.

    In addition, all controls are done from your smartphone.

    Usage environment: Internal
    Connection: Wi-Fi
    Infra-red : 10m
    Additional Functions : Motion notification ・ Automatic photo ・ Audio reception and transmission ・ Remote movement
    Resolution : HD
    Shot Color : Colourful
    Field of vision: 355th

    5 – GIGA GS0029 $166.05

    Great Choice for Monitoring Facades.

    The GIGA security camera has a long infrared range of 30 meters, but the big difference is that due to the lens sensor, even the night shots are colourful.

    Despite the angle restricted to 82 degrees, it is a great choice for façade monitoring.

    With connection by cables and connectors, the model can be integrated with monitoring centres, so condominiums and companies will adapt well with this security camera model.

    In addition, the colourful night shooting pleases many people!

    Usage environment: Internal and External – IP66
    Connection: Cables and connectors
    Infra-red : 30m
    Additional Functions :
    Resolution : full HD
    Shot Color : Colorful (day & night setting)
    Field of vision: 82nd

    4 – INTELBRAS VHD 3230 B G4 $202.80

    Excellent Resolution for Accurately Monitoring Each Space.

    With the security camera from Intelbras, it is possible to accurately monitor each space, the Full HD resolution allows a clear view of the images, during the night the Day & Night system automatically adjusts the parameters to capture images for up to 30 meters.
    The 95 ° angle allows positioning in corners, even so, with some blind spots. In-home use you will love this camera, companies and condominiums will also make good use of Intelbras VHD 3230 B G4.
    Usage environment: Internal and External – IP66
    Connection: Cables and connectors
    Infra-red : 30m
    Additional Functions :
    Resolution : full HD
    Shot Color : Colorful (day & night setting)
    Field of vision: 95th

    3 – INTELBRAS MIBO iC3 $ 175.41

      The Camera to Know Everything That Happens in an Environment.

    The Intelbras Wi-Fi security camera, Mibo iC3, is perfect for discreetly monitoring rooms.  If you have valuable items and need to be notified of any movement on the spot, this is the best camera for remote monitoring. It also has infrared and films in HD.
    The main differential of Mibo iC3 is the system for viewing, which can be accessed by cell phone or computer from any location and has an advanced alert feature, wherewith the occurrence of any movement it is possible to be warned!
    Usage environment: Internal
    Connection: WI-FI
    Infra-red : 10m
    Additional Functions : Motion notification – Audio reception and transmission
    Resolution : HD
    Shot Color : Colourful
    Field of vision: 111th
    2 – MULTILASER SE144 $112.50
    High Resolution for Monitoring Internal and External Areas.

    The SE144 security camera from Multilaser is perfect for monitoring large areas with precision.

     It has an adjustable focus from 2.8 mm to 12 mm which means that you will be able to adjust the field of view of this camera to shoot wide areas or focus on only one point away from the camera.

     The infrared feature guarantees nighttime filming up to 70 meters.

    This model is the right option for mansions, condominiums, companies and rural properties, which value high quality in constant monitoring of their assets!
    Usage environment: Internal and External – IP66
    Connection: Cables and connectors
    Infra-red : 70m
    Additional Functions :
    Resolution : FULL HD
    Shot Color : Colorful (day & night setting)
    Field of vision: 180th

    1 – INTELBRAS HD Mibo iC5 $369.90
    The Best IP Camera to Perform Versatile Monitoring.

    The iC5, from Intelbras, is an excellent IP security camera, through the Wi-Fi connection it is possible to monitor the distance and in real-time indoor and outdoor areas. The ease of installation and handling are great advantages of this camera, which can be installed in corners or in the centre of a wall, facade or room.
    The convenience for monitoring via cell phone or computer is a great attribute. It has a wide field of view that allows safe monitoring of external areas. In addition, it has HD resolution, infrared range of 30 meters and IP66 resistance. This is the perfect model for home use and business monitoring!
    Usage environment: Internal and External – IP66
    Connection: Cables and connectors
    Infra-red : 30m
    Additional Functions : Motion notification
    Resolution : FULL HD
    Shot Color : Colorful (day & night setting)
    Field of vision: 114th

    Recommendations and Precautions for the Use of your Security Camera

    It is not enough to buy the best camera, you also need to pay attention to details like installation, signage and maintenance. Let’s talk a little more about these points later.

    – Think carefully about installation location and height.

    A common mistake when installing security cameras is to position them too high.

     It is recommended to install the external security camera at an average height of 3 meters, as this way the ability to record images will be clearer, making it possible to see people’s faces and license plates.

     At that time, ill-intentioned people will still struggle to reach the cameras.

    In the case of internal cameras, the best position to install is in the centre of the ceiling of the living room facing doors or windows that give access to the street.

     If installed at the right height, it is possible with the aid of a ladder to easily carry out the necessary maintenance.

    – Avoid Problems by Signing for Cameras

    Even the images of security cameras are governed by the legislation on image rights, do not direct the camera to neighbouring spaces, so as not to configure invasion of privacy. In addition, it is important to notify employees of filming at the residence.

    Contrary to what can be imagined, placing notices stating that the residence is monitored by cameras can ward off criminals, who will be afraid of being caught and having the evidence of their crime recorded. And remember, disclosing third party images without authorization is a crime.

    Therefore, when you need to restrict the disclosure of images to the competent authorities.

    – Perform Maintenance Periodically

    The life of a camera is 5 to 6 years, so it is essential to take care of the equipment to minimize wear and tear. Especially for those for external use, which are directly impacted by the sun, rain and winds, care with cleaning is essential.

    Performing a cleaning from time to time avoids the premature deterioration of the equipment and keeps the lenses free from reflections and dirt, which damage the images.

     Peripherals and special features must also be observed, replace the HD every 2 years and check the operation of the LED lamps.

    There are specific cameras to monitor babies and pets

    Some cameras are made for real-time monitoring of what happens in a certain room in the house.

     For dads and moms of newborns, for example, this type of camera can be a valuable resource.

     In addition, it can also be used to monitor the elderly and even pets!.

    Although image resolution, in this case, is not the primary focus, many models provide an HD image. The best options go further, they have a microphone and even a speaker to communicate with the place, a great advantage.

    Learn How Many Cameras You Need and How to Install them

    According to the need for surveillance, it is possible to create a monitoring network or use only a camera to ensure the security of the space. Below are our recommendations on how many cameras to buy and how to install them to increase their efficiency.

    – A Camera: Light Protection, So Prefer Wide Angle Cameras

    To protect the place with only a security camera, it is best to position the equipment in the entrance hall or some blind spot in the house.

     As we already said, a camera with a wide-angle will guarantee you a greater field of view, so bet on one of these.

    In addition, if you are purchasing just one camera, check that they have an infrared function for filming in the dark. If installing it outside the home, remember to check the water and dust resistance!

    – Two or Three Cameras: Moderate Protection, Focus on Critical Points

    A network with two or more cameras will increase your security, as you will be able to decrease blind spots.

     Prefer to place the cameras in places that are more difficult to monitor and that pose more risk. If you have 2 cameras choose to put one in front and one behind your house, if you have 3 cameras, but one also in the garage.

    Try to position the cameras in order to achieve the largest possible field of view.

    – Kits with 4 or More Cameras: Complete Protection

    If it is necessary to have a system with a high level of protection, it is best to purchase kits with 4 cameras or more.

     Usually, in these kits, in addition to the cameras, you will also find a DVR for managing and storing images, motion sensors and a viewfinder for live monitoring of the images.

    You can choose cameras with varying angles and install, not only in strategic locations, but also in less obvious locations, so it will be easier to surprise the criminal.

     The only thing though is that it can be difficult to do it yourself, so consider hiring a company that specializes in surveillance.


    Now that you know the main attributes of an excellent security camera, it became much easier to make your choice and buy the best model for you, right?.
    In our ranking, you know the 10 best models of the moment. The cameras listed are sturdy, have great resolution and angled images and many works even in the dark.

     Take the opportunity to buy now the perfect security camera for the monitoring you need!


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