Top Best 4 Black Friday Deals 2020 in Nigeria – Didn’t miss

Best 4 Black Friday Deals 2020 in Nigeria

Black Friday started as a somewhat controversial holiday celebrated on the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. The day is widely considered and accepted as the official beginning of the holiday shopping season.

Top Best 4 Black Friday Deals 2020 in Nigeria

The name, Black Friday, was coined as a result of the commotion which arose on the day after Thanksgiving, as holiday shoppers went into their yearly shopping frenzy. Pedestrian and vehicular traffic often overflowed, causing rowdiness and even accidents.

Years after the christening of the day, retailers and shoppers began to see it as something more than a day of National frenzy. Stores began to take advantage of the surge of holiday shoppers; offering discounts and advertising the lowest prices in a bid to lure more customers.

Thus, Black Friday was born. Today, it is not unusual to see retailers advertising as high as a 50% price slash on products, and shoppers are more than ready to take full advantage of it.

The awareness in anticipation of the day starts way earlier in the year; perhaps as early as September.

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Although it began in the United States and then spread to the more developed countries, the tradition of Black Friday slowly but surely spread its wings to third world countries.

Now, even Nigerian stores are known to advertise their own massive Black Friday deals, borrowing a page from the Americans’ textbook.

Jumia Black Friday Sales

Jumia Black friday Nov 2 2019, best black friday deals

Every year, since 2013, Jumia has been wowing shoppers with their massive discounts.

The online store was the first to introduce the Black Friday frenzy to the Nigerian retail market.

You can easily take advantage of the e-commerce platform’s sales by visiting their website or downloading their mobile app on Google Play or Apple Store.

Jumia Black Friday sales 2020 holds every Friday in the November. Jumia Black Friday 2020is scheduled to hold from November 6th till November 28thth.

Every Friday between these days will feature up to 80% discounts on a host of products. Other exciting deals include,

  • Flash sales
  • Treasure hunts
  • Voucher giveaways
  • App Show and Win

Konga Yakata Sales

In a bid to keep up with the high standards set by rival platform, Jumia, Konga created its Yakata sales.

No official date has been set for Konga Black Friday, but one can assume it would be some time in November.

Some Konga deals to look out for include mouth-watering electronics price slashes, kitchen appliances, fashion and much more.

  • 20% discount on electronics
  • 70% discount on automotive gadgets
  • 20% discount on laptops, phones and tablets

Slot Nigeria

Slot is arguably Nigeria’s largest electronics retail outlet.

With gadgets being at the top of nearly every body’s wishlist, it only fits that Nigeria’s go-to gadget store has a Black Friday sale.

There is no set date yet for Slot 2019 Black Friday sales. Shoppers can, however, expect to get the best deals on phones and gadgets.

Shoprite Nigeria

Shoprite black friday deals - nov 29

Shoprite has quickly taken over from most small supermarkets in Nigeria.

In a bid to give back to a country that accepted the supermarket chain with open arms, Shoprite participates in the yearly Black Friday discount extravaganza.

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