USB Flash Security: Enter code in your stick

 USB Flash Security: Enter code in your stick

USB Flash Security is a simple application that can help us lock our stick so that no one can see what we have stored. So, we don’t need to worry, even if we lose it, since to be able to access it we need to know the password.

The whole process is quite simple. After downloading and installing the application on our computer, we run it and after we have connected a USB stick to a port we click on the install button.

Here, you need to be careful, the password is a very important parameter, so when typing your password make sure it is not of type 12345, etc.

Finally, finish confirming your action.

From there, each time you plug your stick into a USB port, you’ll need to unlock it before you can save new data or delete it. To do this, open your stick and click the UsbEnter icon, enter your password and you’re done. Note that the free version of our application can handle stickers with a total capacity of up to 4 GB.


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