Use Android smartphone as a webcam – how it works

Connect webcam to Android phone

– How to use cell phone as webcam ?
– How to use smartphone as webcam ?
– How to use android as webcam ?

In this practical tip, we will show you how to use your Android smartphone as a webcam.
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Use an Android smartphone as a webcam – it works with DroidCam
If your laptop or tablet does not have a built-in webcam, you can simply use your Android smartphone for it. All you need is an appropriate app. The free app DroidCam is recommended here.

1 – Install the app on the smartphone.

2- Then you have to download the associated PC client from the manufacturer and install it on your computer.

3- Make sure the computer and smartphone are on the same WiFi network. Then start the client on your PC and the mobile app.

4- In the window of the PC client, you will now see an input mask that prompts you to enter the “Device IP” and the “DroidCam Port”. The corresponding entries are displayed in the app.

5 – Once you have specified the IP and the associated port, you can select in the PC client whether you only want to transmit video or audio. To do this, set the appropriate checkmarks.

6 – Then start the transfer by pressing Start in the PC client.

7 – Once the connection has been established as described, you can easily select DroidCam as a webcam in the settings of Skype or another video chat program.

8 – Your cell phone camera now functions as a webcam.

9 – If you get along well with DroidCam, you can download the paid version of the app, DroidCamX.

10 – DroidCamX offers you additional setting functions and enables video transmissions in HD quality.

use android phone as webcam, droidcam wireless webcam, use phone as webcam usb. connect webcam to android phone
(Image: Screenshot / Sandra Sporer)

To use your smartphone as a webcam, you have to connect the DroidCam app and the PC client. This requires some information.

Alternative app: IP webcam app for android

The IP Webcam app, which is also free, works in a similar way

1 – Download and install the app.

2- Then install the ” IP Camera Adapter ” software on your computer.

3- In order to use the webcam, the smartphone and the computer must be on the same network.

4 – Open the “IP webcam” app. Then select the “Video settings”. Now you have the option to change the video resolution or you can choose whether you want to use the front camera or the regular camera.

5- Select the “Login / password” option under the “CONNECTION SETTINGS” tab. Then set a username and password.

6 – When you have applied all settings, click on “Start Server”. In the lower middle of the picture, there is an IP address (such as that you should remember.

7 – In order to use your webcam on Skype or a similar program, you have to start the “IP Webcam Adapter” program. Enter your IP address in the “Camera feed URL” field. Write “/ video feed” behind it (e.g. Enter your username and password in the fields provided and click OK.

8 – If you have followed all the steps, the Android webcam appears as a video source in the Skype settings.

Find out where you can chat with the Android webcam for free in this practical tip about the best free websites for webcam chats.


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