Windows Privacy Tweaker: Turn off monitoring on Windows 10

Windows Privacy Tweaker: Turn off monitoring on Windows 10

Windows Privacy Tweaker

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest operating system upgrade that comes with a bundle of telemetry capabilities (remote data collection) and tracking services enabled by default.

However, the company insists that there is no “spying” but is simply trying to augment the program by gathering information from its use.

Thus, Windows 10 constantly collects user data, exchanges Wi-Fi passwords (albeit with encryption), and generally collects data and usage patterns from each Windows 10 user.

This is not unheard of since even older versions of Windows have been found to share some information with Microsoft.

Thus, many users have the feeling of being violated or being monitored for a long time without knowing more details about it.

But with Windows Privacy Tweaker all your queries can be resolved since this software is made to easily restore all the presets by offering the highest level of security.

Although it is made for Windows 10 it will detect and fix some security issues for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1

Its use is simple. To get the most protection for your privacy and security, simply uncheck all the unsafe tags you see as red fields, you just deselect the fields you want and when you see them change colour to green it means you’re safe.

however, be aware that some minor changes to services and scheduled tasks may require you to restart your computer to apply the 100%.


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